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Tudor Revival Front Doors

Do you own a Tudor Revival style house? If it was built in the early 1900’s, it probably has an abundance of authentic architectural detailing and features. Unfortunately, over time as houses have become more and more expensive, much of that beautiful detailing has gone by the wayside.

The craftsmen of old would build houses with  all the traditional detailing of a particular house style because it was just the way it was done! Even a modest size house had its share of detailing!

If you own a newer Tudor Revival, you may notice a lot of the classic detailing is missing. But you could still incorporate it into you house without breaking the bank. If you are selective, you could keep costs down by picking and choosing which house features you’d like to enhance and then focus on them to add a rich architectural character to your house.

One of the most important and inviting exterior features of a home is the front entry door . The front door on many newer Tudor houses many not reflect the style and character of a true early 1900’s Tudor Revival. Or your home may have had a replacement front door whose style is not a good architectural match for your house style. A front door project may be just the project for adding some traditional architectural detailing to your home.














Traditional Tudor style doors can have a hefty appearance attributed to the history of the style (from medieval times) and the materials used to construct the door, such as wide planks, multi-panel designs, black or dark bronze accents (strap hinges, speakeasy), and oversized door hardware in black or dark bronze, also. Even the dark wood stain colors, so classic and typical of this style, lend an appearance of strength.





















The traditional style Tudor doors in these photos may give you design ideas for your own front door renovation. Sources for traditional front entry, or side entry, doors for any traditional house style can be found on manufacturer’s websites who specialize in traditional style doors (Pella, Vintagedoors, Jeld-wen) , with a choice of material options, like wood, fiberglass, or steel. Tudor doors are even available in the split ‘Dutch door’ style, which would be a great look for a side door or mudroom entry!

If you are interested in a custom door, local craftsmen, including a lot of Amish craftsmen , can build a door per your specifications. Homebuilders who build high-end houses , often use local craftsmen to build a custom door in a particular architectural style.


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