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Garden Sheds and Storage Ideas

Recently we visited a Home & Garden show where ideas abound for enhancing the comfort, convenience, and beauty of the house and the outdoors for homeowners. One of the displays that caught our eye was of a company that builds yard/garden storage structures, including garden sheds, dutch barns, garages, playhouses, and even weekend cabins.

We spent most of the time while visiting this display looking at the garden sheds. The term ‘garden shed’ may conjure up an image of a style-less utilitarian structure, but these were anything but lacking in style. It was so great to see these storage structures reference architectural styles, features, and detailing. They really could be a beautiful accent for the yard.

Detailing on this window mimics traditional architectural detailing

Storage Ideas

One of the things that we loved about these garden sheds was the interior storage ideas. Obviously, the floor of the shed would provide space for heavier objects, such as the lawn mower, outdoor furniture, and the grill, but the designs also offered options for a loft and an entire wall of shelving for even more storage space. The wood stud walls could provided the opportunity for installing a metal track shelving system and storage hooks, too.

A full wall of shelving!

Loft storage over double doors

All this extra storage of a garden structure could certainly lighten the load that the typical garage must endure, where even the outdoor holiday decorations and the kid’s toys can be stored. Even room for a riding mower.

The sizes of these garden sheds started at 8’x8’ (64 sf), which may be a doable size for most yards. We think that the size of the shed with the double side doors (above) was 10’x12’ (120 sf).

New Trends

Besides being used as a storage space, these garden structures have taken on new trends and are being purposed for other uses. You see them being used as an office, workshop, a studio, and even a quiet retreat. By supplying them with electricity and perhaps insulation, they can accommodate many activities year round. They could even be decorated inside!

Desk nook

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  1. Jaredin Pon says:

    Are you able to buy these over the internet? What was the company’s name?

    • Better Outdoor Living at Home says:

      Weaver Barns in Ohio.

      • Jaredin Pon says:


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