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Pruning Saw – Indispensable Hand Tool for The Yard

Spring and summer are just around the corner. Many homeowners are looking forward to some mild temperatures to be able to get started on some springtime yard cleanup. It’s amazing what accumulates in the yard over the winter. If your to-do list for the yard includes pruning small tree branches, dead wooding, or cutting up branches that fell over the winter, we thought we would share with you what we think is one of the best hand tools you could own for the yard.

An Essential Hand Tool For The Yard

I bought one of these pruning saws about five years ago and it has been the go-to yard tool for numerous yard tasks. It has just made quick work of so many yard tasks. It’s been used for clearing out overgrown brush and shrubs, cutting up fallen branches, maintaining the shape of an ornamental tree, and more.

What makes pruning saws such an effective pruning/cutting tool? Their blades have extremely jagged and sharp multi-edge teeth, which leads me to say that caution should be used when handling a pruning saw. They’re cutting potential is similar to a bow saw, but their design is typically better suited for pruning in tight spots.

Pruning saws have multi-edge teeth for high performance cutting.


It has saved money by making it very easy to take care of a yard task without having to pay someone else to do it – tasks such as reducing a fallen branch into more manageable size pieces for disposal. It really is my indispensable yard tool.

Once my sister saw how great mine works, it wasn’t long before she bought one for her own yard.


Sizes and Styles of Blades

If you’re thinking of purchasing a pruning saw, you will quickly discover that they are available in various blade lengths for various cutting and pruning tasks. We have seen blades for cutting branch diameters of up to 10”.

They also come in several styles that include a fixed blade, a sliding blade, or a folding blade, and with different handle styles, such as a D-grip handle. They are readily available in most retailers that sell yard tools – I purchased mine in a garden supply store.

If you purchase the folding, or sliding, blade styles, make sure it has a safety locking feature for both positions – folded (closed) and open.

For homeowner use, I found that the folding blade style works best for me. I like the safety of the blade being folded quickly and easily into the handle encasing when it is not being used.

Some things to consider if you are purchasing a pruning saw –

  • Look for quality – make sure the blade is sturdy; a thin blade will result in too much flex when sawing;
  • There are many styles and sizes to choose from – pick a style and size best suited for your needs
  • A pruning saw is great for cutting/pruning in tight spots where there isn’t enough room to use a bow saw
  • if the blade folds or slides, or is moveable in some way, make sure it has a locking safety feature for all positions
  • More quality materials to look for – including a strong, durable handle,  and a blade that holds its sharpness and that is rust resistant
  • A great alternative for those who do not want to use a powered chain saw


Safety First

Safety should always be your first concern. Always learn the proper use of any tool before using it. Pruning saw blades have extremely jagged and sharp teeth, which is what makes them such an effective pruning/cutting tool. Safety precautions include, but are not limited to, wearing heavy duty gloves when handling a pruning saw, and keeping and storing a pruning saw away from the kids.
If you think that owning a pruning saw gives you the ability to take on major pruning jobs – Stop!  Our advice is to call a professional for major tree pruning jobs. If you do not possess the skills and qualifications to do a specific job, it can result in serious injury to yourself and others.


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