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Weathervanes – There’s a Style for Every Taste

Weathervanes come in so many styles or themes that it would be just about impossible for someone not to find one that they really love. Styles like classical or whimsical, hobbies or pets, nautical, sports, woodland, or wildlife, and more…much more, make finding a favorite simple.

Weathervanes are typically added to the top of a cupola which sets on the ridge line of the roof of a house, garage, or barn, and sometimes they are installed directly to the ridge line without a cupola. Both applications are classic for architectural detailing. Today, the weathervane is a much in-demand detail, and many home builders use the cupola with a weathervane in many of their traditional style houseplans.



If you can’t place one on the roof, they can also be used atop a metal pole in a garden setting as a gardenesque feature.


Interesting Things About Weathervanes

A weathervane has a moving section and a stationary section. The design at the very top rotates freely as the wind blows. The lower section that has the directions (N, S, E, W) on it, doesn’t move.


This style is called a banner. The part of the design to the right looks like a flag or banner.


You can purchase a weathervane style to complement the architectural style of your house, or where your house is located, like on the coastline.


This is a pointed finial weathervane, which doesn’t have the bottom directional piece. It is the perfect accent to the colonial style dome roof of the cupola.


When the weathervane is installed, this directional piece is positioned so that it aligns with the correct cardinal positions. Usually, a compass is used to obtain true north.


Love the lettering style for the N-S-E-W directional piece.


Love the sailboat!


The top decorative design rotates when the wind blows, and because of its unequal weight balance, it will point to the direction that the wind is coming from, not the direction it is moving!


According to this weathervane, the wind is coming from the southwest.


Many weathervanes are manufactured in copper. As copper ages, it is exposed more and more to the atmospheric elements and acquires a beautiful bluish green coating called a ‘patina’.


This horse design is just beginning to show a patina around the edges.


They are used more as an ornamental feature than a gauge of wind direction. They’re an outdoor classic, and they’re simply fun!


Waterfowl in flight



We think this cupola needs a weathervane!



What do you think?

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