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Discovering Vintage Outdoor Decor

The many decor styles that we all use for decorating our outdoor spaces are no different than those that are used for decorating the inside of your home. Take the vintage style. Now, I never really thought ‘vintage’ was my style for decorating, at least not my over all style.

When I started thinking about it though, I realized that I do, at times, incorporate an accent piece that has a vintage inspired look, here and there, into my indoor decor – it’s just that I never thought of it as ‘vintage’ style, but more like ‘classic’.

What defines something as vintage or classic? I’m not sure I have a handle on it yet, but it seems there are different vintage styles, like farmhouse vintage and French country vintage. And to me, the farmhouse style has a bit of a ‘worn’ look, maybe a second-hand piece; and the French country has a ‘classic, un-worn’ look, as the chair in the photo below. How do you define vintage? I can see this Provence French chair from bellasoleil, on a mortared brick patio and used as a corner accent piece with a large pot of summer annuals right next to it.


bellasoleil com

And this pillow from Pottery Barn would just be perfect for this Provence chair. It seems that flower designs are so timeless, and the colorful peony of this design is definitely an old-fashion flower.




I have to say, when it comes to decorating I like new things, but I do like having a vintage, or vintage-looking, piece to work into the mix. It’s sort of like the layering of colors and textures in a painting. I think it can add a lot of subtle interest, like these galvanized lanterns from farmhouse. They would be perfect for many vignettes or as a centerpiece for the patio table.


farmhouse com


I began searching for some outdoor decor inspiration with a vintage feel to it to see if I could find things that would fit my style. And, I was surprised at how many things I found that I really, really liked – both vintage and vintage-looking pieces. What I mean as ‘vintage-looking’ is like this chair from Pottery Barn – first, it looks like wicker (I think it is a new type of all-weather material), and secondly, it is designed to look like the furniture that our grandma would have had on her porch. Hence, vintage-looking! This chair would be perfect on a side porch, don’t you think?




All of these pieces are things that I know I would really love using as part of my outdoor decor. I had fun looking at each one, and visualizing what scenario I would use it in. I really love all of these pieces.

Here are more lanterns that I love. Outdoor lighting from lanterns can be so beautiful. To me, these ‘castaway’ lanterns from Wisteria have a more casual look in a beach style. Maybe its the metal handles and the mason-jar-look that seem vintage-like to me. I can see these aqua blue glass lanterns used for pool decor or several lining the edge of the plant beds at the back of the yard for a backdrop when the sun goes down.


wisteria com


I’d love to have an elegant outdoor table and chairs set on a mortared brick patio (I love mortared brick patios). And these etched glass lanterns from bambeco, would look so lovely as a centerpiece on the table or on a serving buffet, off to side. I think it’s the etching of the glass that reminds me of our grandma’s, and our Mom’s, crystal water glasses. So to me, these have a vintage-look.


bambeco com

Before we leave the patio, let’s talk about this outdoor rug from Sawgrass Mills on amazon. This would look perfect under that elegant table and chair set I’d love to have. The design is so classic, that it could have easily been used years ago (but probably indoors because outdoor rugs like this are sort of a newer concept).




We’ll sagway from outdoor rugs to these pretty wood serving trays from Wisteria. They have a worn distressed finish. I think my favorite colors are the navy, the lime, and the teal.


wisteria com


Sometimes, when I see a certain item, I try to image how it would look decorated for various holidays. This adorable distressed cottage style mailbox from farmhousewares, decorated from Christmas with some holly and a plaid bow or for July 4th accented with red, white, and blue.


farmhousewares com


I love this enamelware bucket from farmhousewares. It has a French logo of some sort, and I would love to have one like this. It would look great filled with long-stem fresh cut flowers, either indoors or outdoors. Enamel has such a vintage look, wouldn’t you agree?


farmhousewares com


Speaking of flowers, this metal garden cart from bronson designs, has such an old charm and vintage-look about it. It would be so pretty filled with clay pots overflowing with summer flowers. It would come in handle for a beverage stand for patio parties.


bronson design com


I absolutely love this painted red watering can from William-Sonoma. I don’t know if I would use it as a watering can, or as a container filled with long-stem flowers. How would you use it?




And lastly, something for the birds. This tray bird feeder with two perched birds, from IMAX on amazon, likely would make it too easy for the squirrels, but it is so beautiful that it may be worth having to refilled it everyday. Maybe the perched birds standing guard would keep the squirrels away! It has a patina finish that adds to the beauty of the piece.



I hope you enjoyed looking at all of these beautiful outdoor accents. I surely did! I was inspired by all of them, and came away with some exciting ideas for my own outdoors.

Have you used vintage, or vintage-looking, outdoor decor at your home?


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