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Garden Caddy Just in Time For Summer Gardening – DIY Project

When you build this handy wooden caddy for storing all your garden hand tools this year, you’ll feel so organized that you’ll impress yourself! We wanted to make this caddy and share the tutorial on our blog with you. And by the way, if you are looking for a gift to make for someone special, this would be perfect for someone who loves to garden.


Making this garden tool caddy is a fairly easy DIY project. We made this one using 2S cedar boards (meaning one side is smooth finish, and the other side is rough. We placed the rough side of the boards toward the inside of the caddy.




Any choice of wood type could be used, but we choose cedar because of its durability outdoors, and, it is lighter in weight than hardwoods, which are typically denser woods.


The lighter weight of the cedar makes it more manageable especially when it is full of garden hand tools.


So let’s get to how we built it!


Materials we used for this caddy:

1 x 6 cedar board (bottom, ends)

1 x 4 cedar board (sides)

1” wood dowel (for the handle) – the actual size of a 1” dowel is usually 7/8”

16 screws, either stainless steel, or deck screw will work and won’t rust

Primer, exterior grade (use primer if you will paint the caddy)

Paint or stain, exterior grade


Here’s how we built this handy dandy garden tool caddy:


We cut the boards to the sizes shown in the sketch.




After the boards were cut, we drilled the 2 countersinks into the inside of the caddy end boards using a paddle bit, at the location indicated in the sketch, for the dowel handle.


We clamped all the pieces together prior to installing the screws to ensure the ends of the boards were flush. Using the clamps keeps the boards right where you want them when you install the screws. After we connected everything but the last caddy end, we then determined the length the dowel handle needed to be. Then we connected the last caddy end.





These photos show the location of the screws on this caddy. We pre-drilled for the screws which helps keep the wood from splitting. Before we assembled the pieces, we gave all sides of the cedar boards a sanding with a belt sander, including the rough sides of the boards. Note – the caddy ends set on top of the caddy bottom.




Screw locations for the sides of the caddy – a total of 6 per side. The 4 lower screws attach the caddy side to the caddy bottom, and the 2 upper screws attach the caddy side to the caddy ends.




Screw locations on the bottom of the caddy – a total of 4 screws. These screws attach the caddy ends to the caddy bottom.



We painted the caddy with Rustoleum spray paint in Summer Squash. It is such a cheery shade of yellow!








Another use for this beautiful caddy would be to use it as a decorative plant holder on the porch, but a plastic liner would be needed to protect the caddy.


What way would you use this caddy? 



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  1. Kevin says:

    And if you don’t have tools or for just a neat idea take the tool box and mount it on the wall on the bottom side and you have a great towel bar and shelf for fun.

  2. Looks great- love that yellow! Nice job- I was thinking it would be great with flowers in it myself!!

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