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Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy Carnation Mix ~ A Perennial a Week

One of my favorite flowers in a fresh flower bouquet is a carnation. I love their texture, the density of their flower petals, and their uniquely fresh aroma. I came upon this beautiful carnation mix, called Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy, and I especially love the variations of pinks in the mix. The carnations included in this mix are one of the many different types of carnation flowers.


I was surprised to find that carnations are not really all that available from the perennial resources and online retailers that we have referenced in the past. I’ve seen a few carnations plants at local garden centers in the summer, but not a big selection.


Anyway, I was happy to discover that there are some varieties available online from seed companies, including the Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy carnation mix. And yes, perennials for the yard can be started with packet seeds! Since they seem to be difficulty to locate, I put the links to the seed companies where I found this mix, at the bottom of this post.


I think people associate carnations being included in flower arrangements for happy occasions, like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, and worn as a boutonniere in the lapel of a tuxedo. Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower – that was established in the early 1900’s. They are also the birth month flower for January.


That pink one at the top is one of my favorites –


Chaband-Picotee-Fantasy-carnation mix rareseeds

Source: RareSeeds



This carnation can be grown as a perennial in zones 6 – 10, and as an annual in the colder zones. The mix includes large, double flowers in many colors, like shades of scarlet, pinks, violets, crimson, salmon, whites and yellows. The petals are striped and picotee meaning that they are colored with a margin of another color.


The edges of the petals are fringed, and the flower is very fragrant. The Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy collection grows to about 24” in height, and the long stems make them perfect for a cut flower arrangement.


carnation_giant_chabaud_picotee fantsy mix swallowtailgardenseeds

Source: Swallowtail Garden Seeds



Carnations belong to the Dianthus family of flowers. The botanical name designation for carnation is Dianthus caryophyllus.


They like full sun to partial shade, well drained soil, and bloom from late spring through midsummer. Wouldn’t they be gorgeous in a tall vase?


Here are some links to seed companies where the Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy carnation mix is available (at the time of this writing) –



Eden Brothers

Swallowtail Garden Seeds





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