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Wordless Wednesday – Brighten Up a Cold Winter’s Day


Are You Ready For Spring?

Is that a silly question, or what? About this time of the winter season, we all can get a bit of cabin fever, and begin to feel that spring just can’t get here soon enough!   So to hold us over until spring actually arrives on March 20 this year (2014), a little reminder of […]

Wordless Wednesday – Design Inspiration in Stone

Wordless Wednesday – One needs a bit of inspiration for one’s projects. This is a front entry walk in an older neighborhood of large beautiful period homes.   A few outdoor flooring choices in natural stone :  slate, bluestone, limestone, granite, rough-cut marble, and locally quarried stone.     Wordless Wednesday – Design Inspiration in […]

Snowman Cupcakes

A few years ago, I made cupcakes with snowman faces for the kids at the family Christmas dinner at our Mom’s. They are so cute, and they look like they would take more time to decorate than they actually do. And when it comes to the kids, it’s always great to find cute cupcake decorating […]

Buckeye Bites

Are you one who loves the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, as in a Reese cup? Then buckeyes will likely be right up your alley. They’re a bit different, perhaps a bit sweeter and less salty, but the idea is similar.   The original buckeyes are chocolate covered with a round shape. A few […]

Open-Face Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich with Orange-Pecan Marmalade Cream Cheese

A few weeks ago, we posted our version of an open-face specialty sandwich from the menu of a favorite local restaurant. Our Turkey Cranberry Sandwich with Orange-Pecan Marmalade Cream Cheese recipe is inspired from another selection on the menu of that same little restaurant, and it is seriously delicious.   The restaurant is part of […]

Easy Blueberry Breakfast Scones

There is nothing like a made-from-scratch baked good made from an old family recipe. But, maybe not this time! This is for those times when quick and easy, yet delicious, is priority. And luckily sometimes you do find a box mix that certainly rivals a scratch recipe.   This isn’t about one box mix or […]

Christmas Fern ~ A Perennial a Week

I was very excited to discover this evergreen perennial. And surprising to me, it is a fern! The Christmas fern keeps its leaves all winter, even if it’s under the snow.   Perhaps, it’s serendipity that the Christmas fern takes center stage for the ‘A Perennial a Week’ series, this time of year.  I just […]

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