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Weathered to Polished – Reproduction or Authentic – How Would You Use Nautical Style Lighting Outdoors?

What is it about the nautical decor style that so many of us simply love? The nautical style is certainly charming, to say the least, and lucky for those of us who adore it, it never goes out of style. The style has a range of occasion – from a weathered fishing boat to the […]

How to Make a Twiggy Branch Wreath

There is an outdoor decor project I’ve been wanting to create for a couple of years now, and, that will be an upcoming post. For now, I’d like to show you how I made this twiggy branch decor wreath to be used in that project. You could call making this wreath, the first step in […]

Patriotic Artwork For My Front Porch

I recently found these art pieces when I was out shopping. All 3 pieces caught my eye and I decided they would be fun to have to decorate my front porch.   After I got home, I noticed how similar they all are in style. To me they all have a Patriotic,  Early American – […]

A Summer Palette in Blue – Outdoor Decor and Landscape Ideas in Shades of Blue

I think it is interesting that the two of us, and, our Mom all have the same favorite color. We were talking about favorite colors one day, and discovered that we all have the same one – blue! And, not just one blue, but a sea of blues.   Bahama blue. Peacock blue. Baby blue. […]

Flowering Pear Trees Create a Stately Border

If you’ve ever wondered what a border row of flowering ornamental trees would look like in your yard, this yard’s beautiful row of pears may give you some inspiration. When we drove past this beautiful house in a nearby neighborhood the other day, with its lovely, tidy, and uniform row of pear trees all in […]

Discovering Vintage Outdoor Decor

The many decor styles that we all use for decorating our outdoor spaces are no different than those that are used for decorating the inside of your home. Take the vintage style. Now, I never really thought ‘vintage’ was my style for decorating, at least not my over all style. When I started thinking about […]

Selecting a Garage Door Made Easy

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you’ll likely be excited to know that some of the most popular garage door manufacturers have taken the guess work out of choosing a new garage door for your very own garage. Since garage doors cost a lot of moolah, you may be feeling a bit […]

Beautiful Chimneys

It’s difficult not to notice a beautifully designed chimney. Some chimneys on newer houses have a wow factor, and many on older houses have it, too. Architectural design and skillful craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of a beautiful chimney. Not every chimney has a wow factor, but many do, and they are something to […]

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