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Ivy Covered Twig Wreath Topiary

I am finally getting around to posting the second part of my twiggy branch wreath project, which is an ivy covered twig wreath topiary. It’s amazing how many things we all try to get done during the summer, and then fall behind because it is such a busy season! I really thought I would be […]

Garden Caddy Just in Time For Summer Gardening – DIY Project


When you build this handy wooden caddy for storing all your garden hand tools this year, you’ll feel so organized that you’ll impress yourself! We wanted to make this caddy and share the tutorial on our blog with you. And by the way, if you are looking for a gift to make for someone special, […]

Repairing a Planter Box


Any frugal DIY’er would agree that if something can be fixed, then it would be a shame to toss it out. This wood planter box repair looked doable, and with a few fasteners, glue,  and a new bottom it looks as good as new. The planter box is about 12″ in length, and is made […]

How to Make a Template for a Decorative Jigsaw Cut

Position the template - you can secure it to the board with a clamp to hold it in place while you draw the outline

You know what an arbor looks like. You know what a pergola looks like. Have you ever noticed those beautiful, intricate patterns and scrolls that are cut into the ends of the uppermost boards?   These patterns, or designs, really add a layer of gorgeous detailing to the arbor or pergola. Sometimes, these little craftsman […]

Build DIY Storage Shelves & Organize the Garage


Building shelving for your garage may actually help to create room for your car. Imagine parking your car in the garage – what a concept! Before you can clean up your garage, you have to have some place to store stuff, or else you’ll just be moving the items around. Stacking and making piles is […]

How to Park Your Car in the Garage and Hit the Mark Every Time


Would you like to park your car (truck, SUV, van, etc.) in the garage in the same spot every time, so that everything stored in the garage is still accessible? Would you like to be certain that you pulled in far enough so that the garage door doesn’t close on the car? Would you like […]

Simple Backyard Fire Pit


The outdoor fire pit has become a really popular backyard feature for many homeowners. And it provides a great centerpiece for outdoor get togethers. Many times a basic one is all a backyard needs, and we’ll tell you how to build a simple fire pit. It is fairly easy to build and could be a […]

Adding a Decorative Skirt Panel to a Porch

Close up of the panel. When the cedar boards dry, about a 1/4" gap will be created between those boards adding to the details of the panel.

A wood porch can add such architectural character to a house, and present great opportunities for adding detailing to your home. Porches, being at a higher elevation than the surrounding grade, use masonry piers or wood posts to support the structural framing for the raised wood porch (ledger boards are used also, but they typically […]

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