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Creating Spaces with Enough Elbow Room

It’s possible that just the thought of talking about that abstract concept of ‘space’, or giving a project ‘enough room’ (as in how big should we build the new deck?) could make a person zone out. You realize you need some amount of space/square footage/area for an outdoor project, but how do you know you […]

Creating an Old World Look with the Unique Textures of Concrete Pavers

Have you ever seen a paver walk or patio that has a charmingly weathered or textured appearance that reminded you of the old narrow streets or large piazzas in photos of Europe (or perhaps from a visit to Europe), and thought ‘where can I find a paver like that for my patio’? They are not […]

Tools Can Damage Concrete Surfaces

Several years ago, I was talking with an owner/contractor of a decorative stamped concrete company  (lets call him Joe) about a callback he had regarding  a concrete walk he installed for a homeowner.  The following spring after the installation he received a call from the homeowner complaining that the stamped concrete walk did not stand […]

Concrete Can Be an Attractive Choice

We want to share a project of ours to show you another option in selecting a material to use for a walk or patio. This was a unique project for us in regard to the technique that was used to achieve the intricate design.     This is a residential project we did for a homeowner […]

How to Make Your Entryway Function Better

Creating an inviting entry way can be one of the fun aspects of being a homeowner. A well-defined and well-designed entry leading to your front door can add value to your home in many ways. A beautiful entryway can boost curb appeal, enhance visual interest through the use of certain construction materials, colors, and outdoor […]

Pennsylvania Bluestone

One of the most beautiful natural stones for decorative paving for your home is Pennsylvania bluestone. This bluestone is a type of sandstone characterized by a unique range of colors: blue, blue-green, blue-grey, golden brown, and violet. Stone companies can source the full range of these colors, known as full color, or if you specify, […]

Gravel Base: Driveways, Walks, Patios

Are you going to be installing any type of pavement in your yard, such as a paver driveway, patio, or walk? Even if you will be hiring a contractor to install concrete or asphalt, or a skilled mason for a mortared pavement, you’ll find it beneficial to have an understanding of the importance of a […]

Paver Restraint Edging

Paver restraint edging will keep pavers in place, just as you had installed them. It resists ground forces that can cause lateral movement resulting in displaced pavers, overtime.   A successful paver project is the end result of using proper construction methods and materials. It all starts by preparing a stable subbase (soil below the […]

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