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Repairing a Planter Box

Any frugal DIY’er would agree that if something can be fixed, then it would be a shame to toss it out. This wood planter box repair looked doable, and with a few fasteners, glue,  and a new bottom it looks as good as new. The planter box is about 12″ in length, and is made […]

Concrete Footing Design That Protects Wood Posts

If you are not familiar with installing wood posts, you can become overwhelmed with the various designs for concrete footings out there. This is the concrete footing we spec for various projects. It is designed to protect wood posts by allowing the bottom of the post to be exposed for drainage to help reduce the […]

How to Fix a Crack in a Concrete Slab

It’s so important to stay behind maintenance repairs so that the condition doesn’t deteriorate further. A surface crack across a concrete driveway or patio may not seem like a big deal, but if left unrepaired over time it can become wider, deeper, and become chipped.   Why Does Concrete Crack? Concrete can crack from various […]

Adding a Decorative Skirt Panel to a Porch

A wood porch can add such architectural character to a house, and present great opportunities for adding detailing to your home. Porches, being at a higher elevation than the surrounding grade, use masonry piers or wood posts to support the structural framing for the raised wood porch (ledger boards are used also, but they typically […]

10 Ways to Get the Classic Look of an Older Home

Using the term ‘high definition’, is a great way to describe the classic look of the homes of the past, along with their outdoor spaces and yards. You could find a great deal of exterior architectural features and detailing around every corner. These classic features and intricate details gave these homes an abundance of visual […]

How to Fix a Sagging Door

My storm door was out of alignment. The top of the door was hitting the door frame which meant it was sagging and needed to be squared. Any door, whether a storm or screen door, an entry door, or an interior door, is suppose to be able to move freely  within its door jamb. The […]

How to Make an Outdoor Decorative Pillow Cover

In this tutorial you will find the instructions for making an 18” square outdoor pillow. Even if you are a beginner, we think you will find this an easy sewing project. We used Velcro for the closure, so there is no zipper to sew. We asked our wonderfully talented Mom, who has been sewing for […]

How to Sew Cornhole Toss Bags

You can add some fun to your corn hole toss game by making your own corn hole toss bags with this tutorial for a fairly easy sewing project. There are a lot of fun duck cloth fabric colors available to choose from at the fabric store. Get your family involved in selecting the colors for […]

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