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A Summer Palette in Blue – Outdoor Decor and Landscape Ideas in Shades of Blue

I think it is interesting that the two of us, and, our Mom all have the same favorite color. We were talking about favorite colors one day, and discovered that we all have the same one – blue! And, not just one blue, but a sea of blues.   Bahama blue. Peacock blue. Baby blue. […]

What Would Be Your Basic Essentials for an Outdoor Kitchen?

That’s really a relative question, with the answer being different for every homeowner. If you could build (or have one built) an outdoor kitchen, what would you include in the design? Would it have all the bells and whistles of your indoor kitchen? Or would you just focus on having a great grill and a […]

The Folding Picnic Table – Table For 4, Please!

Way back when we were kids, an aunt and uncle of ours had this really cool folding picnic table that they would bring to family picnics. I never forgot it because it was such a unique table. It had seats (4) and table all in one, and it all folded up nicely to become its […]

Finding Your Patio Inspiration

Before we all know it the warm weather will be upon us. We are counting the days! The up side of it still being a while before the temps warm up is that if you’re building a patio this year, there is still plenty of time to find a design and style that you love. […]

Unique Concealed Light Fixture Illuminates Walls From the Top

Are you looking for an outdoor landscape light for shorter (4’ or less) walls and masonry columns where ground level uplighting won’t work because of location? Usually, the type of light fixtures that are used to accent walls are installed at ground level and directed upward toward the wall. These types of light fixtures work […]

Arbors – Adding a Classic Feature to the Yard

This is an arbor we designed as part of a residential project a number of years ago, and we thought it may help give a little inspiration to anyone who may be thinking of putting one in their own yard. This type of outdoor architectural structure can be used as a focal point, and to […]

Simple Backyard Fire Pit

The outdoor fire pit has become a really popular backyard feature for many homeowners. And it provides a great centerpiece for outdoor get togethers. Many times a basic one is all a backyard needs, and we’ll tell you how to build a simple fire pit. It is fairly easy to build and could be a […]

Outdoor Fabrics for Fall

Versatile and high performance outdoor fabrics make every season an ideal time for various outdoor decorating projects. An outdoor color palette typically changes with each season, spotlighting hues that are inspired by the season itself. For autumn, the deeper reds, oranges, and yellows, and even browns found in outdoor fabrics, reflect natures transition from summer […]

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