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Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting


How could a dessert miss with these ingredients? The cinnamon is a delicious addition to the already scrumptious cream cheese frosting!   The cinnamon in this frosting would be a perfect match with a pumpkin cake, a chocolate cake, and even a dessert idea for pumpkin bread.     Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting (Makes 3 […]

Baked Manicotti


When we were growing up, one of our family’s dinner favorites was a recipe for baked manicotti . That delicious cheese filling, stuffed inside a pasta crepe, covered in a savory pasta tomato sauce was so delicious, and a great comfort food, too. The recipe included instructions for making the pasta crepes to hold the […]

Open-Face Hidden Sandwich

open-face-salad-sandwich-knife -fork

There’s a gorgeous gift shop near us where every season is an eye-catching display of home decor items, gifts for any occasion, and specialty gourmet-type treats that would be perfect for a gift basket. The shop is magical between Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of which makes it hugely popular. You can easily spend a couple […]

Classic Cheese Log


Whether you make this recipe into a cheese ball or log, it makes one delicious appetizer or snack, served on cocktail breads, crackers, or pita bread pieces. It’s interesting how a particular food dish or recipe reminds you of certain occasions from the past, which is really what this post is about!   Does a […]

Mini Apple-Cranberry Turnovers


Fall seems to be a time of year when we look for a new recipe or two to try out, whether it’s for comfort food, or for some upcoming gathering. Since it is tailgating season, we wanted to come up with a sweet dessert that would be easy to serve at a tailgate party. Easy […]

Horseradish, Green Onion & Cream Cheese Spread


Now is that time of year when we all start looking for tasty food recipes for fall tailgating and the long upcoming holiday season. This cheese spread would be great for either. It gives a little something extra to a deli-type sub or sandwich, and, it’s a perfect cheese spread for crackers and little breads […]

Homemade Baked Beans with Bacon – Cookouts & Tailgate Parties


Baked bean dishes are such a great side dish for cookouts, picnics, and fall tailgate parties. Yes, it is very easy to open a can of baked beans, but they just can’t match the flavor of a homemade recipe. This homemade baked beans with bacon recipe uses three different kinds of beans, and just a […]

Watermelon Lemonade Frozen Pops – Cool Summer Treat


We saw a watermelon  ice sicle on the web, and thought it was a great idea for using something healthy like fruit, to make a treat for kids and grown-ups alike. Our version of this treat has a sweet, slightly tart flavor by combining fresh watermelon and lemonade. And, it was easy to make, too! […]

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