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‘Coconut Lime’ Coneflower ~ A Perennial a Week

My fascination with this gorgeous perennial all started one day while at a favorite little neighborhood restaurant. We took some of the kids to breakfast, and they wanted to eat on the outdoor patio. It is full of round tables and market umbrellas, all of which was quite lovely on a summer day at mid-morning […]

Flowering Crabapple Trees – Choose Disease-Resistant First, Flower Color Second

  I used to have a flowering crabapple in my backyard, and it was gorgeous in bloom – its lovely dark pink blooms created a big colorful canopy. Those few weeks when it was in bloom it was simply fabulous.   But the rest of the summer months it was absolutely unsightly, just a tattered […]

Christmas Fern ~ A Perennial a Week

I was very excited to discover this evergreen perennial. And surprising to me, it is a fern! The Christmas fern keeps its leaves all winter, even if it’s under the snow.   Perhaps, it’s serendipity that the Christmas fern takes center stage for the ‘A Perennial a Week’ series, this time of year.  I just […]

‘Bowl of Beauty’ Peony ~ A Perennial a Week

It’s hard to imagine a summer without peonies blooming in the yard. They’re just so exquisite, and its an added bonus that there are so many types of peonies from which to choose. A recent peony discovery for this ‘A Perennial a Week’ series is the ‘Bowl of Beauty’. The flower of this peony is […]

A Favorite Garden Magazine

Sometimes when the kids are selling magazine subscriptions for a school fundraiser, you can stumble upon a certain publication that is totally new to you, and it ends up becoming one of your favorite gardening magazines.   Such was the case a few years ago, when The English Garden magazine was discovered. This magazine is […]

Hydrangeas & Architecture

One group of flowering shrubs that make the summer season so beautiful are hydrangeas. Recently, I couldn’t help but notice how striking they are when positioned next to the architectural features of a house or yard, like white fences, porches, railings and steps, arbors, and front doors.   I started noticing how hydrangeas and the […]

Yes! There Are Flowering Shrubs That Bloom in Summer – Knock Out Roses

Flowering shrubs and the season of spring go hand-in-hand. It seems springtime is just brimming with so many different flowering shrubs  – like lilacs, spirea, azalea, viburnum.   Even though that time of year can be so beautiful, it seems it’s over too quickly, wouldn’t you agree? The spring blooming season doesn’t last as long […]

Springtime’s Flowering Vignettes

After the long winter, it is so wonderful to see the spring flowers in bloom. Spring bulbs, flowering trees and shrubs, and early spring perennials paint a picture that one never grows tired of seeing each year. It’s a sight to behold! Large and small flowering vignettes pop up here and there in most every […]

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