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Flowering Pear Trees Create a Stately Border

If you’ve ever wondered what a border row of flowering ornamental trees would look like in your yard, this yard’s beautiful row of pears may give you some inspiration. When we drove past this beautiful house in a nearby neighborhood the other day, with its lovely, tidy, and uniform row of pear trees all in […]

Wordless Wednesday – Tulip Border


Do You Start Your Garden Plants From Seed?

Many people love to start their gardens indoors before the winter is over. And really, that’s a good way to begin your summer garden with a little larger plant. It also can be a great way to save money, and who wouldn’t like that! I bought a few seed packets a few years ago from […]

Raking Leaves Using This Handy Tip

If you really hate the thought of raking leaves and don’t own a leaf blower, this handy tip may help make the task go a bit quicker. We each have been using this technique in our own yards and have found it to be less tiring, and it sort of shakes things up a bit! […]

A Change to the Fence Design & a Trip to the Garden Center

A change order needed to be made for the new fence (I decided to use 6×6 posts instead of 4×4), and it was mailed to the contractor. Then a road trip to New Albany, Ohio to visit a landscape nursery was on the agenda, to check out what plants they had in stock for the […]

A Large Shade Tree Gets Cut Down

Last week I had to have a large shade tree cut down in the front yard. It was a pretty nice tree, and had become a familiar part of the yard, so it was sort of sad to see it go. Several ash trees in the neighborhood had become invaded by the emerald ash borer […]

English Ivy – Is It a Good Idea to Let It Grow on Trees

Many homeowners love seeing English ivy (Hedera helix) growing on structures, such as over the arched entryway of a house or on a wall in the landscape. It really can create a classic look, but there is one ‘structure’ in your yard that you may not want ivy to grow on. When ivy uses a […]

Feed Your Lawn & It Will Return the Favor

Suburbia loves thick, green lawns. Feeding (fertilizing) grass with the nutrients that it needs is vital to a healthy lawn – one that has the ability to grow dense to crowd out weeds, and has strong deep roots to survive dry conditions. Find out what formulation is best to use and why. It’s pretty basic […]

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