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‘Julia’ Coneflower ~ A Perennial a Week

It may be difficult to find attractive orange summer flowering perennials for the summertime garden, but the ‘Julia’ Coneflower answers the call with a gorgeous rich orange flower. It is a long-blooming plant from early to late summer.   This is a compact plant for a sunny garden growing around 15” – 18” in height, […]

‘Bowl of Beauty’ Peony ~ A Perennial a Week

It’s hard to imagine a summer without peonies blooming in the yard. They’re just so exquisite, and its an added bonus that there are so many types of peonies from which to choose. A recent peony discovery for this ‘A Perennial a Week’ series is the ‘Bowl of Beauty’. The flower of this peony is […]

‘Karalee Petite Pink’ Gaura ~ A Perennial a Week

I love the fact that this showy perennial is another plant that has a long blooming season. ‘Karalee Petite Pink’ Gaura starts to flower in late spring, and continues displaying its pretty flowers into the fall.   Tiny coral pink (about 1”), 4-petal flowers form at the end of each thin stem, which many growers […]

Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia ~ A Perennial a Week

When you need a perennial that is small in stature with striking color, the Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia may be a good option to consider. Because of its smaller size, this perennial would be a perfect front row plant in a layered garden planting.   Arizona Red Shades is made for a garden that gets […]

‘Empress’ Clematis ~ A Perennial a Week

I have a clematis planted near my white post mailbox which it uses for support as it grows in the spring . It is so pretty when it is in bloom that I wish it would bloom all spring and all summer long. Throughout the summer it may get a few more blooms here and […]

12 Sensational Daffodils

Tis the season to be planting bulbs for next spring. Last week we posted 12 spectacular tulips that you can check out here, if you missed them – they really are spectacular! For this week’s featured perennial, we discovered 12 gorgeous daffodils that are just as beautiful! We were surprised to discover so many unique […]

12 Spectacular Tulips ~ A Perennial a Week

Is there anything as lovely as a vase filled with tulips? If you have ever flipped through the pages of a bulb catalog, you know how easy it is to get lost in the beauty of the endless varieties and colors of tulips. One is prettier than the next!   Taking the time and care […]

Lilyturf – Variegated Liriope ~ A Perennial a Week

It’s the month of September, and this attractive grass-like perennial is fully in its showy flowering stage. This variegated liriope, called Lilyturf, has flower spikes that look a bit like those of the grape hyacinth. The flower spikes, tucked in among the leaves, are a lavender shade, contrasting beautifully against its green and cream leaves. […]

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