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Staying True to a Historical Renovation, A Reflection of History – Landscape Architecture at Its Best

Every month or so I get a professional trade magazine in the mail (Landscape Architect and Specifer News) which has a variety of topics of interest including articles on design, and information on a variety of products that could be used in various outdoor design and construction projects.   There was an article in one […]

The Great Wall of …Inspiration

Not to get all architect-y, but being landscape architects, we like obsessing over the details in some older designs – beauty is in the details – really! It’s those details that added so much to a person’s everyday surroundings in the past, and are missing so often from life today.   If you can remember […]

Hydrangeas & Architecture

One group of flowering shrubs that make the summer season so beautiful are hydrangeas. Recently, I couldn’t help but notice how striking they are when positioned next to the architectural features of a house or yard, like white fences, porches, railings and steps, arbors, and front doors.   I started noticing how hydrangeas and the […]

Chinese Chippendale Style – Inspirations for Home & Landscape

If you love traditional style, you will no doubt be delightfully intrigued by the intricate fretwork designs, and the elegance, of the classic Chinese Chippendale design style. The style encompasses some of the most beautiful designs. The latticework pattern is just one of the fretwork patterns of this style, and I’m guessing it is probably […]

Wordless Wednesday – Morning Rooster


Flowering Pear Trees Create a Stately Border

If you’ve ever wondered what a border row of flowering ornamental trees would look like in your yard, this yard’s beautiful row of pears may give you some inspiration. When we drove past this beautiful house in a nearby neighborhood the other day, with its lovely, tidy, and uniform row of pear trees all in […]

Wordless Wednesday – Tulip Border


What Would Be Your Basic Essentials for an Outdoor Kitchen?

That’s really a relative question, with the answer being different for every homeowner. If you could build (or have one built) an outdoor kitchen, what would you include in the design? Would it have all the bells and whistles of your indoor kitchen? Or would you just focus on having a great grill and a […]

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