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Country Place Era

Garden area of an historic country estate

Maybe the interest in living far from the city in a quiet and serene setting all started over a century ago marked by the rise of country estate living in America. There was a time in American history known as the Country Place Era. It actually was the result of the socioeconomic changes brought about […]

What is the Profession of Landscape Architecture?

Steps provide ease of movement on a backyard slope

Learn the art and technical sides of landscape architecture. Planning, designing, construction, are involved in creating functional and enjoyable outdoor spaces whether for commercial, public or residential projects. To many people, the profession of landscape architecture is a mystery. Confused by the word ‘landscape’ in the title, it is often mistaken that the profession is […]

History of Landscape Architecture: The Beginning


Learn a little about the history of the profession, and some of the famous projects created that are historical landmarks in America . Many people are unfamiliar with this profession, yet it has undoubtedly touched their lives on many occasions. In this history ‘Lesson’, we would like to introduce to you the profession of landscape […]

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