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Finding Your Patio Inspiration

Before we all know it the warm weather will be upon us. We are counting the days! The up side of it still being a while before the temps warm up is that if you’re building a patio this year, there is still plenty of time to find a design and style that you love. […]

A Large Shade Tree Gets Cut Down

Last week I had to have a large shade tree cut down in the front yard. It was a pretty nice tree, and had become a familiar part of the yard, so it was sort of sad to see it go. Several ash trees in the neighborhood had become invaded by the emerald ash borer […]

A New Fence & A Property Survey

I’m having a new fence constructed along one of the side property lines in my yard. The contractor has been hired, and I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on the design drawings and the specifications for the project, which I’ll give to the contractor to build from.  My husband and I both […]

Tips on Hiring a Contractor

You have put a lot of time and effort into just the right design for your outdoor improvement, and selecting the right materials. And deciding on the right contractor is just as important. Here are some basic steps to follow when hiring a contractor: Get Recommendations from Reliable Sources: The best sources to find a […]

Outdoor Renovation Project Process

After Photo of My Gable Wall

Like all homeowners, when my husband and I moved into our home I quickly came up with a list of home improvements I wanted to do. Some were DIY projects, and some required the craftsmanship of a skilled contractor. One of the many things I have learned working as a landscape architect on projects for […]

Building From Scaled Plans

Building from scaled plans or drawings, even for small projects, is important for the success of your outdoor project. Think of your house. What would it look like if all the different contractors involved in building your house, or an addition, hadn’t followed any plans, and just sort of made it up as they worked? […]

Creating a Master Plan for Your Yard

Make a Master Plan for your yard before building or constructing any projects. A master plan will help you organize the layout of your whole yard, and also let you see whether all the separate parts work together. You’ve made wish lists, had daydreams, and saved pictures. You have high hopes for a great yard […]

Create a Scale Drawing

Working with a scale drawing allows you to create a plan that has real dimensions. With a scale drawing you can determine how much space you’ll need for a project. If you are interested in creating a plan for your yard or for a specific area of the yard, it may be a great help […]

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