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Creating an Old World Look with the Unique Textures of Concrete Pavers

Have you ever seen a paver walk or patio that has a charmingly weathered or textured appearance that reminded you of the old narrow streets or large piazzas in photos of Europe (or perhaps from a visit to Europe), and thought ‘where can I find a paver like that for my patio’? They are not […]

Entry Walk Project – Phase 2: Site Issues & Aggregate Base Installation

After the demolition of the old walk, and the excavation for the new brick walk were completed, the next phase of the project included accommodating a drainage pipe from a downspout of the house that needed to cross under the walk, preparing the soil subbase, and installing the aggregate base. To recap from Phase 1 […]

Do You Know Your Period House Hardware? Test Your Knowledge!

One of the classic details you can add to a traditional home’s home improvement project is period hardware. Period hardware manufactured today replicates the designs that were used at a particular time in architectural history. It includes outdoor hardware like door knobs and thumb latches, gate and door strap hinges, latches, door knockers and bells, […]

Creating a Landscape Feature Using Outcrop Stone Slabs

A popular landscape feature with many homeowners is the application of large heavy natural stone slabs to create an outcropping effect. This type of feature can be used on a hill or bank with a gentle or rolling slope, where the large stone slabs are fitted, and tucked into the earth to appear as if […]

Red Entry Doors

Red entry doors are so eye-catching. The color red can be used as one of the accent colors for a house’s color palette. Since red is so striking, it is a color that should be used sparingly. One of the immediate effects of using a red hue, is it’s capability of creating a focal point […]

Tips on Hiring a Contractor

You have put a lot of time and effort into just the right design for your outdoor improvement, and selecting the right materials. And deciding on the right contractor is just as important. Here are some basic steps to follow when hiring a contractor: Get Recommendations from Reliable Sources: The best sources to find a […]

How to Make Your Entryway Function Better

Creating an inviting entry way can be one of the fun aspects of being a homeowner. A well-defined and well-designed entry leading to your front door can add value to your home in many ways. A beautiful entryway can boost curb appeal, enhance visual interest through the use of certain construction materials, colors, and outdoor […]

Historic Exterior Paint and Stain Colors

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has documented over 250 historic colors from its extensive research. The colors were influenced by popularity or fashion of a particular era, and the technology of paint manufacturing during that time. Choosing the perfect exterior colors for your house and yard (fences, arbors, trellis, outdoor furniture, wood planters, and […]

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