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History of Landscape Architecture: The Beginning


Learn a little about the history of the profession, and some of the famous projects created that are historical landmarks in America . Many people are unfamiliar with this profession, yet it has undoubtedly touched their lives on many occasions. In this history ‘Lesson’, we would like to introduce to you the profession of landscape […]

Creating a Master Plan for Your Yard

Play Structures should be given sufficient space for safe use

Make a Master Plan for your yard before building or constructing any projects. A master plan will help you organize the layout of your whole yard, and also let you see whether all the separate parts work together. You’ve made wish lists, had daydreams, and saved pictures. You have high hopes for a great yard […]

Screening with Plants

This evergreen taxus hedge provides screening from the street, adding a degree of privacy to the front yard. The use of this plant selection combined with the masonry stone column creates a very architectural feature for the entry drive.

Evergreens and other plants can be used to create various screening effects for privacy in the yard. Use the plant’s characteristics of leaf size and branching to screen views. Plants are probably the most flexible to use for screening. There is no need for wood posts or masonry columns, footings, gravel bases, or even perhaps […]

Create a Scale Drawing


Working with a scale drawing allows you to create a plan that has real dimensions. With a scale drawing you can determine how much space you’ll need for a project. If you are interested in creating a plan for your yard or for a specific area of the yard, it may be a great help […]

Call Before You Dig – Call 8-1-1

call 811

Your safety while working in your yard is top priority. Protect your family and yourself, and your utility lines from damage. Have your underground utility lines marked for free, for your safety and to protect your lines. Just call 8-1-1, and go to for more information.  

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