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Pillow Talk

It’s finally spring and the temperature is gradually warming with the promise of summer just ahead. It’s time to get your outdoor living areas spruced up and looking their best for all of the gatherings that the summer season holds.   Just like decorating indoors, the quickest way to add sparkle, a particular mood, or […]

Burlap Trends in Home Decor Just Keep Getting More Stylish

Recently, we made a run to the fabric store for some fabric for our Etsy shop, and while perusing the fabric aisles, we came upon the home decor burlap fabric.   Burlap! – in the most stylish prints, and colorful solids. It’s been a while since either of us looked at burlap fabric, so we […]

Ivy Covered Twig Wreath Topiary

I am finally getting around to posting the second part of my twiggy branch wreath project, which is an ivy covered twig wreath topiary. It’s amazing how many things we all try to get done during the summer, and then fall behind because it is such a busy season! I really thought I would be […]

How to Make a Twiggy Branch Wreath

There is an outdoor decor project I’ve been wanting to create for a couple of years now, and, that will be an upcoming post. For now, I’d like to show you how I made this twiggy branch decor wreath to be used in that project. You could call making this wreath, the first step in […]

Patriotic Artwork For My Front Porch

I recently found these art pieces when I was out shopping. All 3 pieces caught my eye and I decided they would be fun to have to decorate my front porch.   After I got home, I noticed how similar they all are in style. To me they all have a Patriotic,  Early American – […]

Chinese Chippendale Style – Inspirations for Home & Landscape

If you love traditional style, you will no doubt be delightfully intrigued by the intricate fretwork designs, and the elegance, of the classic Chinese Chippendale design style. The style encompasses some of the most beautiful designs. The latticework pattern is just one of the fretwork patterns of this style, and I’m guessing it is probably […]

A Summer Palette in Blue – Outdoor Decor and Landscape Ideas in Shades of Blue

I think it is interesting that the two of us, and, our Mom all have the same favorite color. We were talking about favorite colors one day, and discovered that we all have the same one – blue! And, not just one blue, but a sea of blues.   Bahama blue. Peacock blue. Baby blue. […]

Buoy Bells – Wind Bells for a Coastal Sound

Do you love the enchanting sounds of wind chimes on the porch as they sway in the breeze? I found out they are not the only ‘musical instruments’ that turn the breeze into a delightful sound. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon another type of ‘musical’ wind bell with quite a unique shape. […]

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