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Pillow Talk

It’s finally spring and the temperature is gradually warming with the promise of summer just ahead. It’s time to get your outdoor living areas spruced up and looking their best for all of the gatherings that the summer season holds.   Just like decorating indoors, the quickest way to add sparkle, a particular mood, or […]

Burlap Trends in Home Decor Just Keep Getting More Stylish

Recently, we made a run to the fabric store for some fabric for our Etsy shop, and while perusing the fabric aisles, we came upon the home decor burlap fabric.   Burlap! – in the most stylish prints, and colorful solids. It’s been a while since either of us looked at burlap fabric, so we […]

How To Cut Burlap Fabric – Easy Tutorial

A recent trip to the fabric store for some burlap fabric had an unexpected lesson in how to cut burlap. Burlap is trending, and being used more and more for the beauty of its natural fiber. Many home decor enthusiasts will find this a helpful tip when working with this fabric for indoor and outdoor […]

Outdoor Fabrics for Fall

Versatile and high performance outdoor fabrics make every season an ideal time for various outdoor decorating projects. An outdoor color palette typically changes with each season, spotlighting hues that are inspired by the season itself. For autumn, the deeper reds, oranges, and yellows, and even browns found in outdoor fabrics, reflect natures transition from summer […]

Fast-Drying Outdoor Cushion Foam

Outdoor decorating at home very often includes accessorizing with pillows and cushions for outdoor furniture. Homeowners who have priced, or purchased outdoor fabrics for pillows and furniture cushions know that it can be an expensive decorating project. So it is important to use durable materials that are made for the outdoors. Moisture, including rain, humidity, […]

Outdoor Fabrics in Red

Fabric choices of patterns and solids, textures and weaves, can temper the mood of an indoor or outdoor room, giving it high energy or a relaxing calm. These are some eye catching outdoor fabrics in red tones. We have selected some various styles from popular manufacturers and designers. Depending on the shade and pattern of […]

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