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Classic Post and Rail Fences

Ribbons of post and rail fences beautifully poised in the landscape

Traveling along the highway and those stretches of country roads, those long expanses of the classic post and rail fences are a familiar site, beautifully poised to follow the rise and fall of the ever undulating lay of the land.   They really give a rather grandeur presence to whatever lies behind them, even if […]

Invisible Fencing


The simple means of using an invisible fencing system to keep dogs safe, could fit into anyone’s everyday, outdoor living style.   Dogs can easily become distracted and that can lead to straying from the safety of the yard, so we want to do everything we can to protect them. Conventional fences have been known […]

Before Building and Installing a Fence


Wow! There is so much to say in regard to installing a fence in your yard! There’s a lot of preliminary stuff that you need to do and much to understand to make your project a success. But first, we want to say kudos to you for deciding to add beauty, architectural enhancement, and value […]

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