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Simple Backyard Fire Pit


The outdoor fire pit has become a really popular backyard feature for many homeowners. And it provides a great centerpiece for outdoor get togethers. Many times a basic one is all a backyard needs, and we’ll tell you how to build a simple fire pit. It is fairly easy to build and could be a […]

Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Ring Insert

Photo courtesy of Rockwood

A backyard fire pit provides a great setting for family and social gatherings. Many homeowners have built their own fire pit using a concrete product for the walls of the pit, such as pavers, engineered stone, or CMU (concrete block). Concrete materials used to build a fire pit perform best when protected from the intense […]

Is an Outdoor Fireplace on Your Wish List?


Have you noticed that outdoor spaces, nowadays, are getting the same amount of attention that the interior spaces in our homes have always received? It is very exciting to imagine all the extra living space that can be added to family living by including outdoors spaces. The list of amenities that can create beautiful and […]

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