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How to Keep Water Away from Your Foundation

Keeping water away from your foundation is essential year round with spring and fall rains, summer storms, and snow in winter. Water that remains near the foundation can cause leaks into the basement, not to mention moisture problems. Using Surface Drainage At Your Foundation Walls There a number of ways to keep water away from […]

Plants for Hillsides & Erosion Control

Many types of plants, including a grass lawn, can be used to stabilize and cover a slope, or hillside, to prevent erosion of the soil. Lawns typically need to be mowed many times during a growing season, though. And depending on the angle of the slope, a grass lawn can be difficult to mow, and […]

How to Prevent a Wet Basement

It’s probably safe to say that most people realize that the one element that can be the most damaging to a house is water. From the top of the roof to the foundation, the exterior building materials that your house is constructed with are designed and install in a manner to protect it from water […]

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