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Laundry Day & Childhood Memories

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I was reading a post that mentioned clothes pins, and when ever I think of clothes pins, I think of our Mom. I will never forget our Mom hanging laundry in the back yard under towering shade trees in the summer when my brothers and sisters and I were […]

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas With That Outdoors-y Touch

Sometimes you just don’t know what to buy for someone on your gift list. It happens. It can be frustrating, and, time consuming searching and searching for that ‘just right’ gift. Well, we may have a solution for you. We had fun putting these five outdoors-y DIY holiday gift ideas together to send a little […]

A Spring To-Do- List

Get organized with these tips for your spring to-do list. Get your yard ready for family outdoor fun and those special occasions. Spring is here and it is time to get outside, enjoy the warm weather, and start those outdoor projects on your spring to-do list. Spring holds so many great opportunities for us to […]

Which Evergreens Make The Best Fresh Cut Christmas Trees?

A favorite outdoor activity for many families starting right after Thanksgiving Day and through to Christmas eve, is the hunt for the perfect real Christmas tree. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, 25 – 30 million real Christmas trees are sold annually in the United States. There is no need to feel guilty about […]

Outdoor Clothes Drying Racks, Posts, & Systems

With the many types and styles of outdoor laundry racks, posts, and systems to choose from, you’ll surely find a style that meets your needs. If outdoor laundry clothes drying systems are new to you, you may be interested in some general information to acquaint yourself with some of the more popular styles. These systems […]

What is a Cord of Firewood & How Should It Be Stored?

Ordering firewood, whether a full cord or a fraction of a cord, won’t be confusing once you know what a cord of firewood is. Storing your firewood properly will keep it dry and ready for your fireplace or firepit. It seems that autumn used to be the time of year when people began to think […]

A Fall To-Do List

Finish your fall clean-up and outdoor projects now before the cold weather hits. Organize and schedule each task for efficiency. It’s that time of year again, when we try to get projects and tasks finished up before the cold weather arrives. As a plus, the cooler fall weather makes it much more comfortable to do […]

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