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Selecting a Garage Door Made Easy

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you’ll likely be excited to know that some of the most popular garage door manufacturers have taken the guess work out of choosing a new garage door for your very own garage. Since garage doors cost a lot of moolah, you may be feeling a bit […]

Build DIY Storage Shelves & Organize the Garage

Building shelving for your garage may actually help to create room for your car. Imagine parking your car in the garage – what a concept! Before you can clean up your garage, you have to have some place to store stuff, or else you’ll just be moving the items around. Stacking and making piles is […]

How to Park Your Car in the Garage and Hit the Mark Every Time

Would you like to park your car (truck, SUV, van, etc.) in the garage in the same spot every time, so that everything stored in the garage is still accessible? Would you like to be certain that you pulled in far enough so that the garage door doesn’t close on the car? Would you like […]

Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal

Sealing the bottom edge of your garage door  is not just a good idea in terms of keeping drafts, leaves and dirt out of the garage, it also eliminates a point of entry for little critters looking for food or a place to nest. Remarkably, a mouse only needs 1/4” of space to get into […]

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