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Outdoor Clothes Drying Racks, Posts, & Systems

With the many types and styles of outdoor laundry racks, posts, and systems to choose from, you’ll surely find a style that meets your needs.

If outdoor laundry clothes drying systems are new to you, you may be interested in some general information to acquaint yourself with some of the more popular styles. These systems have great features that will appeal to a variety of homeowners, it just comes down to deciding on a style and model that best suits your needs, and the amount of space you have.


Free-standing Tripod dryer:

• Very portable and ideal for limited space
• Lightweight and folds easily for storage
• Better for use on a patio or an area with low wind (to reduce toppling over)








Retractable Clothes Line:

• Clothes line is stored in a small housing or case and attached to a secure structure
• Line pulls out for use and extended to another secure structure
• Line can be retracted when not being used







Parallel and Umbrella dryers:

• these two dryers are very similar in construction/style
• both take up a small amount of space while offering a lot of drying space because of the multiple drying lines
• many come with a ground sleeve or socket to support the main post



• ground sleeve/socket is placed permanently in-ground (like a fence post); most come with a cap to cover sleeve opening when drying post is removed
• some lightweight models are easily removed from the ground sleeve for storage (heavier models may require assistance)
• adjustable height for ease while hanging laundry
• some models rotate in the breeze to facilitate drying


Post Systems:

(available in removable and permanently-placed styles)


• T-post system comes with ground sleeve or post can be permanently set in-ground
• capacity to string multiple lines between two T-posts
• post style may come in several pieces for ease of breaking down for storage









Round-hub Steel Post:

Many people may remember this post style from their grandmother’s backyard – this post seems not to be easy to find anymore, but we feel its substantial old-fashion appearance would make it an attractive outdoor element today. The top of the post typically has a decorative iconic finial, such as a pineapple.

• a one piece steel post usually permanently set in concrete and does not break down for storage
• has prongs at the top of the post for attaching one end of a clothes line, or for looping the line to redirect it to another post, or to other secure structure
• depending on the length of the line run, this system may require a support pole to prop up a sagging clothes line


Some features to look for:

• rust resistance
• sturdy construction
• lightweight, if removal for storage is necessary
• total capacity of drying space to accommodate the amount of laundry you want to dry
• adjustable height for lowering rack while hanging and removing laundry

Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and proper installation and use of any clothes drying system.

Check to make sure your city does not have an ordinance that won’t allow hanging laundry outside.


Photo credits:  Whitmor, Sunline, Moerman, Household Essentials, Crawford-Lehigh



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