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Lumber Yards

Have we forgotten about those reliable lumber yards where our grandfathers, dad, and uncles would head to on a Saturday morning to get lumber for the projects on their to-do lists?

Whether the project was building a go-cart for the family, or a porch and steps off the kitchen, a visit to the lumber yard was the first order of business. The big box stores may likely have changed the way we go about shopping for lumber. They have become the one stop shopping place. Where else can you buy a 2×4 and a washer and dryer under one roof?


Lumber Yards Are a Reliable Source for Home Improvement Projects

As convenient as that may be, there are places of business still in existence where specialized service and products are still available – things that those big box stores don’t carry, or would have to special order even if they could get it. More than likely you would have to go to one of your local lumber yards.

A few years ago, I was in market for a traditional architecturally styled support for my mailbox. It was to have a substantial post with a cap and a support bracket all made of wood. At first it seemed like a good DIY project, but time was an issue, so I ordered one from a catalog.

But, at the time when it was still under consideration as a DIY project, I priced the materials for it, such as a 5×5 cedar post (a 4×4 post would have looked too undersized), at the lumber yard. The big box store was not a consideration for the post. I went right to the reliable source that was certain to have it in their everyday inventory – the lumber yard.

Many project time lines can be facilitated by using the types of businesses that people used decades ago, and lumber yards are at the top of that list. In a lumber yard, you’ll most likely find other building supplies you may need for your other outdoor projects, like concrete block, roofing materials, fasteners, brick, doors, etc. Next Saturday morning you may want to visit a lumber yard and see what is there – ask them if it is okay to browse and get acquainted with what their lumber yard has to offer.

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