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Paver Trash Can Storage Area

Some homeowners keep trash cans in the garage, and others store them outdoors. A great way for a homeowner to spruce up the outdoor area where the trash cans are kept is to install a hard surface pad for their storage. This can be a more attractive solution than having to set the cans right on top of the ground or in the mud, which typically creates a situation that is hard to maintain and keep tidy looking.

If you have the space in your yard for a paver trash can storage area, it has the benefit of providing you with a stable and level surface to stand on when placing trash in the cans, and for maneuvering the cans when taking them out to the curb.


It’s time to tidy up the trash can area.


Many times trash cans are stored along side of the garage. Installing the storage area to overlap the driveway edge by about 3’ will provide you with uninterrupted walking and maneuvering space (like in the photo below).

We have included a hard surface paver area for trash can storage in several of our outdoor designs for homeowners and they love the attractive and tidy appearance it provides. Also, depending on the paving material you select, such as natural stone or pavers, it can provide your yard with a beautiful architectural element, even in a utility space such as this.


Attractive Solution

This is a trash can storage area we included in a design – it has ample space for a person to stand upon, and for the trash cans.

An attractive solution providing a tidy look.


This storage area was built using a 4” gravel base which would provide a durable, long lasting base for the hard surface. We finished it with clay brick pavers set on a bedding of sand with sand joints. Paver edging was installed around the perimeter of the pad where it was adjacent to the soil to secure the pavers in place.

A cost effective means to building a small paved area like this is to calculate quantities for it and order extra materials (for the base, sand, and pavers) when doing a larger project, like a driveway or patio. This can save on having to pay additional delivery charges later.

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