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Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Ring Insert

A backyard fire pit provides a great setting for family and social gatherings. Many homeowners have built their own fire pit using a concrete product for the walls of the pit, such as pavers, engineered stone, or CMU (concrete block).

Concrete materials used to build a fire pit perform best when protected from the intense heat of a fire. One item that is frequently missing in backyard fire pits is a metal fire pit insert, or campfire ring, that fits inside the pit and provides a protective lining for the inside of the wall. These inserts are available in shapes that include round, square, and hexagon, from various retailers.

Photo courtesy of Rockwood Retaining Walls, Inc.

Over time, concrete that is exposed to intense heat will begin to deteriorate and break apart. High quality fire pit inserts are typically constructed of heavy duty steel.

Installing a lining of fire brick is another option for protecting the concrete wall of the fire pit. This would be the same fire brick that is used in indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Naturally, if you spend a lot of time around the backyard fire pit, you’ll want it to last for a long time and to give you years of enjoyment.

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