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Watering a Newly Planted Tree or Shrub

Deciding on improving your yard’s landscape with trees and shrubs can be a great home improvement project. And like any improvement you make to your house or yard, it can be an expensive project. Buying three 6′ to 7′ evergreen trees at $180.00 each, can quickly add up.

As a homeowner, you’ll likely be committed to taking good care of an investment like that. A product that we have seen used on a commercial project can be a great help to caring for your newly installed shrubs and trees, and make it easier on you, too.

The Treegator

After you have properly installed your plant, the next task is to provide the plant with water. There are many factors that can contribute to the decline of a landscape plant, including too much or too little water. It is recommended that newly installed landscape plants receive an adequate amount of water for 1 -2 years after installation, during the growing season. The correct amount of water should keep the soil around the roots moist, but NOT soggy.

The treegator is a handy landscape product to help you with watering your landscape plants and makes it easy, too. The treegator fits easily around the tree or shrub, and uses drip irrigation to slowly release water to the roots. This method provides deep root watering and minimizes run-off, so water is not wasted which translates into saving money on your water bill.


Quick Set Up

The treegator can be conveniently installed in about five minutes. Fill the bag with water according to the recommended watering schedule and let the treegator do the rest. The treegator is available in a bag form that fits up higher around the tree trunk (above photo), and a lower profile tube that is great for shrubs, evergreen trees, and multi trunk trees.

Treegator’s recommended watering schedule takes the guesswork out of the amount of watering your landscape plants require. And, it will come in handy for providing newly installed plants with water when you are out of town for a number of days.

You can check out the treegator at There is a section for homeowners where the bag can be purchased, and a ‘Help’ tab for answering specific questions about their product.

They also have a section for contractors who may be interested in using this watering system on future projects.




Photo credits:  Treegator



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