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Do You Know Your Period House Hardware? Test Your Knowledge!

One of the classic details you can add to a traditional home’s home improvement project is period hardware. Period hardware manufactured today replicates the designs that were used at a particular time in architectural history. It includes outdoor hardware like door knobs and thumb latches, gate and door strap hinges, latches, door knockers and bells, shutter dogs, and so on.

Period house styles are those house designs that rose up at various times throughout history, such as Georgian, Victorian, Dutch Colonial Revival, and Tudor Revival. In house architecture, a new house style was influenced by many factors, including drawing on the rich details of previous periods, and in the advancements in building technology. The features and details of a particular house style are many, right down to the hardware.

So, how well do you know the hardware associated with a particular house style? The following photos are of reproduction hardware especially manufactured for providing traditional house styles with beautiful detailing.

Just for fun, take this little test to see how much you know about outdoor period hardware. If you like, leave us a comment and tell us how you did.


Test Your Knowledge!

– (answers are at the end)


1) This colonial style hardware is typically installed in pairs, and was a common detail    during the Colonial Revival period. If installed and used as traditional hardware, it will be operable, and will actually keep the structure it is used with from closing.

a) latch

b) hinge

c) shutter dog

d) door handle


2.  This style of numerals was designed for which house style?

a) Georgian

b) Arts & Crafts

c)  Tudor Revival

d) Dutch Colonial Revival


3. This gate pull handle, designed with a spear motif, is associated with which house style?

a) Federal

b) Victorian

c) Arts & Crafts

d) Tudor Revival


4. This hinge is associated with many period house styles including Colonial and Tudor. What type of hinge is this?

a) strap hinge

b) self-closing

c) half-mortise hinge

d) ‘H’ hinge


5.  This entry door accessory is a 2-piece hand-turn door bell. The large rounded piece is the bell, which is installed indoors on the wall near the entry door, and the smaller piece, called the ‘turn’, is installed outdoors directly opposite the bell on the same wall. A spindle connects the ‘turn’ to the bell through the wall, and the bell is rung by twisting the ‘turn’. For which house style was this door bell popularly used?

a) Georgian

b) French Country

c) Colonial Revival

d) Victorian


6. Which period house style was this mail box designed for?

a) Tudor Revival

b) Arts & Crafts

c) Victorian

d) Neo-Classic


7.  This gate or door hardware design, popular in early colonial times, consists of a handle (outside) and a latch bar (inside). The entry handle’s thumb-press releases the securing latch bar on the inside of the gate/door when the thumb-press is pushed down. The designs were simple, and were typically forged from wrought iron. It is secured to the door at its upper and lower cusp, at each end of the handle. This entry hardware is called a _____ latch.

a) Norfolk

b) Windsor

c) Suffolk

d) Williamsburg


8. This piece of Tudor period hardware, typically used on entry doors, would be a perfect design accent today for an outdoor privacy gate on a Tudor house style. What is it called?

a) clavos

b) door knocker

c) gate stop

d) speakeasy grille


9. This Colonial period door hardware will assist the guests at your door. What is it?

a) door pull

b) strike plate

c) coat hook

d) door knocker


10. The heart-shaped motif used on this gate strap hinge was common in which house style?

a) Colonial

b) Tudor Revival

c) Arts & Crafts

d) Victorian

Answers:  1. c, 2. b, 3. d, 4. a, 5. d, 6. b, 7. c, 8. d, 9. d, 10. a

Photo credits: House of Antique Hardware,  Acorn Mfg.





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  1. Thanks! I love some trivia. Arts and Crafts is my favorite, by far.

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