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The Amazingly Beautiful Gable Designs of Victorian Houses

Are you a lover of beautiful older houses? Do you take the ‘long way’ just to drive through one of your favorite neighborhoods because of the gorgeous houses there?

We can answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions, too! We love older, classically traditional houses and their yards, with all their nooks, crannies, and the all-but-forgotten unique detailing given to a home back then – when these lovely houses were young.

Whenever we go on a ‘drive through’ into a beautiful neighborhood to check out the older houses, we always take along a camera to capture some architectural detail or feature of the house and its yard – and usually each home has quite a few details!

Some of those details are the striking complexity of the gable designs on some older Victorian houses. You can’t help but notice the devotion to detail that once was a part of house designing.



Another gable of the same house –



These houses are near, or over, 100 years old!



They have been well cared for and have been preserved with their historical significance in mind,



including the choice of color palettes when it was time for a fresh coat of paint. The gable, below, is accentuated by the layering of trim mouldings, corbels evenly spaced beneath the eaves, and a beautiful arched 3rd floor window – these architectural details are incredible!



This is a brick gable that uses the corbel detailing and an arched window, too. The color placement on the eaves of the gable is beautifully done.



Some of the gables have cutouts in the boards that run along the gable’s edge. These decorative boards are referred to as ‘running trim’.



The special ornamental shape at the apex of the gable, below,  is called a ‘gable wing’ and it includes an ornament pendant at the lower part of the wing called a ‘gable drop’ . This design also uses the ‘running trim’ along the gable’s edge.



This color palette looks to be a pinkish taupe complimented with reddish circular accents placed within the pattern of the gable’s running trim. This design sorta gives the house a cottage feel.



A closer look –



We loved taking in the beauty of older houses and sharing ideas for some inspiration. There are many sources for architectural gable detailing – check millwork manufacturers online, or a local millwork company or a skilled carpenter/craftsman in your area.


Thanks for coming along on our ‘drive through’.

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