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Buoy Bells – Wind Bells for a Coastal Sound

Do you love the enchanting sounds of wind chimes on the porch as they sway in the breeze? I found out they are not the only ‘musical instruments’ that turn the breeze into a delightful sound.

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon another type of ‘musical’ wind bell with quite a unique shape. It was a black metal pyramidal shaped object hanging near the front door of a home I was visiting. My first thought was ‘what is that’?


I was fortunate that it was a breezy day because I quickly discovered it was a wind bell that produced a sound like the bells you hear along harbors in coastal areas. I was so intrigued with this unusual bell, and wanted to know what it was called, and find some info on it.


If you live near the coast, or vacation there, you probably already know about this bell. So later I searched on the internet using descriptive phrases like, ‘a 3-sided bell’, trying to find the actual name. I found it, and it is called a buoy bell, or a harbor bell, from North Country Wind Bells.


Here is one hanging from a back porch overhang. I think another great place to hang a wind bell is out in the garden, maybe from a shepherd’s hook.



The buoy bells are the creation of a former lobsterman from Maine, and you can check out the site here, just in case you want to see all the styles of bells they have created, each with a unique trademarked name, and sound, that reflects the coastal area of origin for that particular sound. I love hearing entrepreneur stories like this lobsterman’s.


With so many sounds to choose from, I think I would have to choose by closing my eyes and listening to each bell while imaging I’m right at the waters edge! Or maybe it would be the sound I would like to hear on a warm breezy summer afternoon, if napping on the patio.


There are bells that have a one tone sound like this:   ‘Freedom Rings Bell

This one has a two tone ring:   ‘Boston Harbor Bell

The triple tone bells are my favorites:   ‘Outer Banks Bell


I do like that triple tone one! I haven’t bought one yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know which one I got and what I think! The bells with the cut-out images in the sides are very eye-catching, and you could pick one with a favorite image – such as a bear, a duck, or a lighthouse.


I love coastal and beachy things – coastal decor, being at the beach, and coastal sounds – sounds like waves reaching the shore, the call of seagulls, and, the ringing of harbor bells.






If you love coastal decor or coastal vacations, these buoy bells would be worth checking out. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon them, and I’m looking forward to having one of my own! It would be a fun way to blend a little coastal charm with casual outdoor decor.


Did you listen to the bell sound links above? What do you think – would a buoy bell be your ‘cup of tea’?




Sound file credits:  North Country Wind Bells

Note: Better Outdoor Living at Home is not an affiliate of North Country Wind Bells (we just like their bells)

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