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A Summer Palette in Blue – Outdoor Decor and Landscape Ideas in Shades of Blue

I think it is interesting that the two of us, and, our Mom all have the same favorite color. We were talking about favorite colors one day, and discovered that we all have the same one – blue! And, not just one blue, but a sea of blues.


Bahama blue. Peacock blue. Baby blue. Classic navy blue. Have you ever looked at all the shades of blue on a color wheel, or the hundreds of blues that paint companies have created? It made me think about outdoor living spaces brimming with blues.


These photos are full of  inspiration for imagining an outdoors in blue. First, there is a seemingly endless selection of gorgeous blue flowers, like these Bluebird asters –


Source: Bluestone Perennials



or the ‘Ice Blue’ clematis, it has a tint of violet –



Source: Bluestone Perennials



Designing with the blue palette, we could include an architectural structure, like this garden gate –



Walpole Woodworkers



or a blue arbor with an entry gate –



walpole woodworkers

Source: Walpole Woodworkers



What do you think of blue for these structures?  Yes? No? I’m definitely a fan of structures in white, myself, but these certainly are interesting.


If you’re fortunate to have a in-ground pool, you already have the opportunity to add more blue. I love pool walls and floor painted in the blues of the ocean. I love the tilework around the inside edge of this pool, too.  There are so many blues here – chair cushions, the pool, interior wall of pool house, and the sky.



Source: Pinterest



Here’s another architectural feature in blue that could be added – bluestone. Bluestone is a natural stone, and it creates a beautiful hardscape.  I love the blue market umbrella in the background!




Source: houzz



Walks, patios, or terraces – bluestone is beautiful.




Source: Pinterest



Since we’re making our way up to the house, I want to show you two entries that use blue. I’m imaging this a side door to the home, with the gorgeous ocean blue of the door and urns, along with the arching of pretty flowers can’t help but draw your eye to it.




Source: Veranda-via-Pinterest



Blue contrasting with white, sets off this porch. There are so many blues captured in this photo – bright blue trim paint, a blue pitcher vase for the blue hydrangeas.




Source: Veranda



A warm and inviting entry to the house should have a welcome mat. I just love this 3 – fish blue doormat, and it would be perfect for my back door.



nautical decor and gifts



We can’t forget to decorate the outdoor living areas with beautiful fabrics and designs. I found this market umbrella in a Sunbrella print fabric. I think it is so elegant.




Source: Frontgate



I really like the complementary colors to the blues in these pillows. This aquatic design is so pretty –




Source: Overstock



more pillow love –




Source: Pottery Barn



I would love to have an outdoor rug for on a porch. Stripes are a favorite of mine, and I would love this rug. It would be great for decorating in a nautical theme, don’t you think? It is just so summery!



dash and albert

Source: Dash and Albert



I’m finding too many rugs that I love, like this soft blue stripe, too!




Source: Dash and Albert



This summer blue palette ends with the tabletop. I just love this dinnerware set with its scalloped edge, and the rope detail on the edge of the solid blue charger – this pattern is very similar to the design on the pillows above –




Source: Pottery Barn



These placemats would brighten up any outdoor tabletop. This is one of my favorite blue combinations –




Source: By the Sea Decor



When I saw this photo of this tabletop, I was mesmerized by it’s timeless beauty and endless elegance. I would want to have my morning coffee here, each and every day! That blue and white striped table cloth is wonderful.




Source: Pinterest



And, later in the afternoon, I’d kick off my shoes –




Source: The Espadrille Store



and soak up some warm sunshine!


Do you have a favorite summer color palette?





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  1. The blues are lovely, but I was raised in a “green” house. And I think that all 5 of the daughters in the family are greenies as well. I favor red as well. And white. No matter how much I love blue, I almost never pick it – and when I do pick it I have a really hard time seeing the right color.

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