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A Favorite Garden Magazine

Sometimes when the kids are selling magazine subscriptions for a school fundraiser, you can stumble upon a certain publication that is totally new to you, and it ends up becoming one of your favorite gardening magazines.


Such was the case a few years ago, when The English Garden magazine was discovered. This magazine is brimming with the underlying concept of how gardens are good for you. The folks in Britain are very passionate about their garden horticulture, and this magazine makes that quite evident.




First, let us say that we are not affilated with this magazine, but it is just simply one that we wanted to share with our readers, in case any are not familiar with it.


Since Great Britain has been cultivating gardens for far more centuries then we have, it is always good to learn something new – sort of gaining an ‘old world’ perspective. That’s not to say that we Americans are not pretty doggone good gardeners, too, but after all, many of our traditional garden styles here, originated in Europe. There’s history in there, which for some may make gardening a bit more fun.


There’s a lot of gardening inspiration and helpful practical tips offered in the magazine, not to mention beautiful photos.




We think the magazine gives a unique and timeless perspective on the garden for the avid gardener. In the U.S., we are inspired by the ‘English garden style’ and use it as a type of garden design, but in England it is simply their way to garden.


The magazine has a range of gardens that they highlight – some that are informal with the blurred lines of a pastural, or cottage, style using wildflower meadows and gardens, vegetable and herb gardens, or orchards, and for the more formal designs, you’ll see rose gardens enclosed by a low clipped boxwood hedge, boxwood topiary, and neatly cut lawns.


One of the interesting things about reading the articles is learning new terms from The English Garden like ‘plantsman’ which is a person who is very passionate and knowledgeable about plants, being either a professional or amateur. We don’t use that word in the U.S., and we have never come across anyone with such a title. Probably the closest title here would be ‘horticulturist’.


Since the subscription price of the magazine can be a bit pricey, if you’re interested in the magazine, we suggest buying a single copy at the grocery store, first, to see if you like it.


Do you have a favorite garden magazine?



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