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‘Bowl of Beauty’ Peony ~ A Perennial a Week

It’s hard to imagine a summer without peonies blooming in the yard. They’re just so exquisite, and its an added bonus that there are so many types of peonies from which to choose. A recent peony discovery for this ‘A Perennial a Week’ series is the ‘Bowl of Beauty’. The flower of this peony is sort of like a flower-in-a-flower. It’s almost like finding the pearl inside of a shell.


The Bowl of Beauty is a herbaceous peony (dies back to the ground) and gets its name from its bowl-like flower shape. The ‘bowl’ has large dark pink outer petals that holds a cream-colored cluster of shorter frilly petaloids. This Japanese-style single peony has a simpler bloom than that of the fully double peonies. It has only one or two rows of petals on its outer layer.







The botanical name for this peony is Paeonia lactiflora ‘Bowl of Beauty’. This slow growing perennial needs full sun, a moist well-drained, slightly acid/neutral soil, and good air circulation. It blooms in late spring or early summer, and its blooming season is said to be around one month.



Source: Bluestone Perennials



Bowl of Beauty is hardy in zones 2–9 (some sources say 3-8), and grows 23–29 inches in height and 29–35 inches in width. It is an easy care perennial and attracts butterflies. It is deer, rabbit, and squirrel resistant.


Its foliage is said to stay attractive all season. In the fall, the plant should be pruned to the ground.






The combination of the dark pink and cream, along with its dark green foliage, would be gorgeous as cut flowers all by themselves in a bouquet.




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