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‘Coconut Lime’ Coneflower ~ A Perennial a Week

My fascination with this gorgeous perennial all started one day while at a favorite little neighborhood restaurant. We took some of the kids to breakfast, and they wanted to eat on the outdoor patio. It is full of round tables and market umbrellas, all of which was quite lovely on a summer day at mid-morning .


The cozy patio is surrounded by plants with a stretch of garden flowers and lawn separating the patio from the sidewalk and street in the front, all of which adds a bit of ambiance to the dining experience.




The bed has a clipped evergreen hedge with roses, and perennials behind it. I spotted this beautiful white and lime color flower, among some Shasta daisies and Black-eyed Susan, having no idea what it was.


The more I looked at it, the more I thought it looked like a coneflower, and sure enough it was. I was not too knowledgeable about coneflowers, with the only one I was familiar with being the dark pink one with the spiny dark brownish center.




I began searching to see if it was a coneflower, and what its name was. It is the ‘Coconut Lime’ coneflower, and it has simply an amazing color palette, with white petals surrounding a frilly, lime green center composed of tiny slender petals. The ‘eye’ of its center is a rust color that opens to become a large lime-colored pompon shaped center (its pompon center is one of the reasons I love the double-flower ‘Coconut Lime’ coneflower).



Source: White Flower Farm


The Coconut Lime has such an aristocratic air about it. The fashion of its long-stemmed flower, along with its shades of lime green and white has a formal sophistication. Perhaps, that is why we see so many flower arrangements in green and white these days. One of our nieces carried a similar bouquet at her wedding.


As a side note, I thought it was interesting that I found a coneflower, that instantly became a favorite for me, with the same name as one of my favorite soaps from Bath & Body Works – Coconut Lime Verbena!


I think the colors of the Coconut Lime coneflower would be perfect in a garden with hints of complementary colors from the flowers of other plants, like pinks and lavenders, and layered in a landscape in front of a blue hydrangea border. And layering with smaller plants would be so easy because of this coneflower’s height of 24″ to 30″.



Source: Cliffords Garden


Its botanical name is Echinacea purpurea ‘Coconut Lime’. It is a long blooming perennial with its blooming season from June to September (depending on the hardiness zone). And it can be enjoyed by many with it’s wide hardiness zone from zone 3-9.


Some of its attributes (besides being lovely to look at) including being deer resistant, attracts butterflies, drought tolerant, withstands a wide variety of soil types, and grows in full sun to part shade.


While searching for this coneflower, I stumbled upon other types of coneflowers that I just love too, and I’ll share soon.


So many of you may know this coneflower already, and have been growing it your yard for years! I’m so pleased that I discovered it this summer!








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