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Beautiful Chimneys

It’s difficult not to notice a beautifully designed chimney. Some chimneys on newer houses have a wow factor, and many on older houses have it, too. Architectural design and skillful craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of a beautiful chimney. Not every chimney has a wow factor, but many do, and they are something to […]

Paver Restraint Edging

Paver restraint edging will keep pavers in place, just as you had installed them. It resists ground forces that can cause lateral movement resulting in displaced pavers, overtime.   A successful paver project is the end result of using proper construction methods and materials. It all starts by preparing a stable subbase (soil below the […]

Brick Wall Patterns

Classic outdoor brick walls have graced the outdoor spaces of all sizes of houses for centuries. Whether used to help define a property edge or accent a garden, the appeal of the outdoor brick wall has remained unchanged. Enhance your outdoor spaces with the beauty and classic tradition of brick … The traditional brick bonds […]

The Basics for Designing Outdoor Steps

Building correctly proportional steps is necessary for safety. Front porch steps, deck steps, or an outdoor stair way, all need to be designed for safe use. If you have a project coming up that will involve building a set of steps, there are important issues to understand. We rely on steps to be comfortable to […]

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