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The Amazingly Beautiful Gable Designs of Victorian Houses

Are you a lover of beautiful older houses? Do you take the ‘long way’ just to drive through one of your favorite neighborhoods because of the gorgeous houses there? We can answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions, too! We love older, classically traditional houses and their yards, with all their nooks, crannies, and the […]

Entry Walk Project – Phase 3: Installing the Edging Restraint, Bedding Sand, and the Pavers

This paver project used sand joints, and the construction method is referred to as an interlocking paver system. The pavers are not mortared, but laid on a sand bed abutting each other. The interlocking concept means that the pavers can’t move independently, when they are held in place by angular sand particles and edging restraints. […]

Creating Spaces with Enough Elbow Room

It’s possible that just the thought of talking about that abstract concept of ‘space’, or giving a project ‘enough room’ (as in how big should we build the new deck?) could make a person zone out. You realize you need some amount of space/square footage/area for an outdoor project, but how do you know you […]

Exterior Shutters for Your Windows & a Timeless Look for Your House

Do you feel your house could use some sort of architectural detail to give it an eye-catching ‘pop’, but you don’t know what it is? Exterior window shutters could be the feature you are looking for. We realize that shutters are not the answer for every house style or house design, but matching the right […]

English Ivy – Is It a Good Idea to Let It Grow on Trees

Many homeowners love seeing English ivy (Hedera helix) growing on structures, such as over the arched entryway of a house or on a wall in the landscape. It really can create a classic look, but there is one ‘structure’ in your yard that you may not want ivy to grow on. When ivy uses a […]

Weathervanes – There’s a Style for Every Taste

Weathervanes come in so many styles or themes that it would be just about impossible for someone not to find one that they really love. Styles like classical or whimsical, hobbies or pets, nautical, sports, woodland, or wildlife, and more…much more, make finding a favorite simple. Weathervanes are typically added to the top of a […]

Feed Your Lawn & It Will Return the Favor

Suburbia loves thick, green lawns. Feeding (fertilizing) grass with the nutrients that it needs is vital to a healthy lawn – one that has the ability to grow dense to crowd out weeds, and has strong deep roots to survive dry conditions. Find out what formulation is best to use and why. It’s pretty basic […]

Picker-Upper Tool – Gathers Up Acorns to Apples

This past weekend I saw a neighbor using a very interesting, and innovative, yard tool. It has a long handle and at the ground end of the tool, a wire rolling basket to grab those pesky things that drop from trees all over the lawn. My neighbor was using this tool to pick up walnuts […]

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