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Sprucing Up the Landscaping

Overgrown or neglected landscape beds can really detract from the beauty and enjoyment of your yard. If these areas are visible from the street, they can really detract from your home’s curb appeal, too. We worked on this residential project a bit ago. We added many beautiful features and amenities to the house’s various outdoor […]

How to Keep Cats Out of Plant Beds

Trying to find a successful way to keep cats from using your plant beds and gardens as a litter box can be quite frustrating. I’ve been in the same boat. No matter what effort I made to deter neighborhood cats from getting into the plant and flower beds, nothing seemed to work for the long […]

How to Protect Your Trees During a Construction Project

Protecting existing and newly installed trees on a residential construction site is important because trees are a valuable asset to a home’s landscape. Taking a little time to provide this protection is well worth the effort, especially for mature existing trees whose value can be irreplaceable. We were at a residential building site a few […]

How to Make Your Entryway Function Better

Creating an inviting entry way can be one of the fun aspects of being a homeowner. A well-defined and well-designed entry leading to your front door can add value to your home in many ways. A beautiful entryway can boost curb appeal, enhance visual interest through the use of certain construction materials, colors, and outdoor […]

Plants for Hillsides & Erosion Control

Many types of plants, including a grass lawn, can be used to stabilize and cover a slope, or hillside, to prevent erosion of the soil. Lawns typically need to be mowed many times during a growing season, though. And depending on the angle of the slope, a grass lawn can be difficult to mow, and […]

Helpful Garden Links

FIND HELPFUL GARDEN LINKS THAT provide in depth information for plants, perennials, dividing perennials, tree selection, roses, color wheel, birding and wildlife. Plants Find Your U.S. Frost Dates (click on Onsite Resources tab) Find Your Hardiness Zone (click on Onsite Resources tab) Common Perennials Dividing Perennials Planting Perennials Gardening with Annuals Selecting Trees for Your […]

Trees and Utility Lines

It takes decades for a tree to mature into a beautiful and valuable asset for your yard. And it can take only one afternoon to reduce it’s splendor into an unsightly spectacle, if long ago it was planted too close to the overhead utility lines. The heart break of it all can be even further […]

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud, along with other flowering trees are a treat to see each spring. This is a tree that brightens up any yard with its profusion of blossoms. A beautiful ornamental landscape tree can increase the value of your home, as well.   The Eastern Redbud, is native to the forests of the eastern […]

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