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Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Ring Insert

A backyard fire pit provides a great setting for family and social gatherings. Many homeowners have built their own fire pit using a concrete product for the walls of the pit, such as pavers, engineered stone, or CMU (concrete block). Concrete materials used to build a fire pit perform best when protected from the intense […]

Outdoor Fabrics in Red

Fabric choices of patterns and solids, textures and weaves, can temper the mood of an indoor or outdoor room, giving it high energy or a relaxing calm. These are some eye catching outdoor fabrics in red tones. We have selected some various styles from popular manufacturers and designers. Depending on the shade and pattern of […]

Is an Outdoor Fireplace on Your Wish List?

Have you noticed that outdoor spaces, nowadays, are getting the same amount of attention that the interior spaces in our homes have always received? It is very exciting to imagine all the extra living space that can be added to family living by including outdoors spaces. The list of amenities that can create beautiful and […]

Outdoor Design Idea Source

If you are at a loss for outdoor or garden design ideas, a great way to get some inspiration is at a former private estate that has been donated to your local park system (check with your local/state park system). These estates were once privately owned and well-cared for properties (house and grounds). While each […]

A Fall Tea

The wonderful thing about having a tea is the time spent sipping tea, and eating sandwiches and sweets. An even more wonderful thing about a tea is the time spent with family and friends and the endless conservation around the table as you catch up on all the new happenings. I started having teas about […]

Plants to Use in a Formal Setting

If you are planning  for some type of outdoor entertaining area with a formal setting, you may be wondering what plants would be used in such a setting. There are indeed specific plants that have traditionally been used for formal settings. Not only are there specific plants, but they are used in specific ways.   […]

What is a Cord of Firewood & How Should It Be Stored?

Ordering firewood, whether a full cord or a fraction of a cord, won’t be confusing once you know what a cord of firewood is. Storing your firewood properly will keep it dry and ready for your fireplace or firepit. It seems that autumn used to be the time of year when people began to think […]

Country Place Era

Maybe the interest in living far from the city in a quiet and serene setting all started over a century ago marked by the rise of country estate living in America. There was a time in American history known as the Country Place Era. It actually was the result of the socioeconomic changes brought about […]

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