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The Great Wall of …Inspiration

Not to get all architect-y, but being landscape architects, we like obsessing over the details in some older designs – beauty is in the details – really! It’s those details that added so much to a person’s everyday surroundings in the past, and are missing so often from life today.   If you can remember […]

A Unique Stone Wall Design In A Rural Setting

Every once in awhile, we run across a unique architectural feature that deserves to be investigated. Whether an architectural feature on a home or one in the landscape such as a trellis, entry gate or wall, we just want to know more about it. So, not too long ago when we were on one of […]

Unique Concealed Light Fixture Illuminates Walls From the Top

Are you looking for an outdoor landscape light for shorter (4’ or less) walls and masonry columns where ground level uplighting won’t work because of location? Usually, the type of light fixtures that are used to accent walls are installed at ground level and directed upward toward the wall. These types of light fixtures work […]

Creating an Inviting Entry at the Top of a Slope

We think that one of the first impressions people have of someone’s home can come from the entry way leading to the front door. A homeowner may think they’re out of luck in ever being able to build an attractive and inviting entry design to their home if their front yard is on a slope. […]

Landscape Design for a Small Space

Landscape beds can have a many functions, in addition to providing beautiful surroundings for an outdoor living space. By using vertical elements like an obelisk, it’s possible to create a small sense of privacy. This raised plant bed is in our Mom’s backyard. It had been built years ago, and over the years it seemed […]

Natural Stone: Wall Stone & Flagstone

Homeowners seem to really like the idea of using natural stone for many outdoor projects. What wall, patio or terrace, entry walk, or porch stoop wouldn’t be enhanced in some way from the intrinsic beauty of natural stone?   Limestone, sandstone, and bluestone are some popular natural stones for outdoor home improvement projects. These stones […]

Garden Retaining Wall

Even low garden-type retaining walls need to be built using proper construction methods to remain a long lasting feature for your yard. Our Mom has a low retaining wall in the backyard that kept falling over in a number of spots along the length of the wall. It had been installed a number of years ago […]

The English Garden Ha-Ha

An inspired landscape feature that became an amusing and unexpected discovery.   If you have ever been to England, and went on a tour where you visited centuries old country estates, and even parklands, a tour guide may have pointed out a feature in one of those landscapes, known as the ha-ha. This landscape feature […]

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