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‘Empress’ Clematis ~ A Perennial a Week

I have a clematis planted near my white post mailbox which it uses for support as it grows in the spring . It is so pretty when it is in bloom that I wish it would bloom all spring and all summer long. Throughout the summer it may get a few more blooms here and […]

12 Sensational Daffodils

Tis the season to be planting bulbs for next spring. Last week we posted 12 spectacular tulips that you can check out here, if you missed them – they really are spectacular! For this week’s featured perennial, we discovered 12 gorgeous daffodils that are just as beautiful! We were surprised to discover so many unique […]

12 Spectacular Tulips ~ A Perennial a Week

Is there anything as lovely as a vase filled with tulips? If you have ever flipped through the pages of a bulb catalog, you know how easy it is to get lost in the beauty of the endless varieties and colors of tulips. One is prettier than the next!   Taking the time and care […]

‘Ballerina’ Cranesbill – Hardy Geranium ~ A Perennial a Week

This week’s perennial is a low growing hardy geranium. It’s nice to find smaller perennials, like the ‘Ballerina’ Cranesbill, because they are perfect for borders, containers, woodland and rock gardens, and for the front plant in a layering design. The ‘Ballerina’ Cranesbill has been a staple in English garden designs.   The botanical name of […]

A Favorite Garden Magazine

Sometimes when the kids are selling magazine subscriptions for a school fundraiser, you can stumble upon a certain publication that is totally new to you, and it ends up becoming one of your favorite gardening magazines.   Such was the case a few years ago, when The English Garden magazine was discovered. This magazine is […]

Ivy Covered Twig Wreath Topiary

I am finally getting around to posting the second part of my twiggy branch wreath project, which is an ivy covered twig wreath topiary. It’s amazing how many things we all try to get done during the summer, and then fall behind because it is such a busy season! I really thought I would be […]

Yes! There Are Flowering Shrubs That Bloom in Summer – Knock Out Roses

Flowering shrubs and the season of spring go hand-in-hand. It seems springtime is just brimming with so many different flowering shrubs  – like lilacs, spirea, azalea, viburnum.   Even though that time of year can be so beautiful, it seems it’s over too quickly, wouldn’t you agree? The spring blooming season doesn’t last as long […]

Garden Caddy Just in Time For Summer Gardening – DIY Project

When you build this handy wooden caddy for storing all your garden hand tools this year, you’ll feel so organized that you’ll impress yourself! We wanted to make this caddy and share the tutorial on our blog with you. And by the way, if you are looking for a gift to make for someone special, […]

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