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‘Ballerina’ Cranesbill – Hardy Geranium ~ A Perennial a Week

This week’s perennial is a low growing hardy geranium. It’s nice to find smaller perennials, like the ‘Ballerina’ Cranesbill, because they are perfect for borders, containers, woodland and rock gardens, and for the front plant in a layering design. The ‘Ballerina’ Cranesbill has been a staple in English garden designs.   The botanical name of […]

Sweet Autumn Clematis – Late Summer Flowering Perennial ~ A Perennial a Week

It’s nice to know that there is one clematis that comes into full bloom in late summer. Spring or early summer are when you see most clematis in flower, so to have one blooming now is pretty sweet!     Which brings us to this week’s perennial which is the Sweet Autumn Clematis. Its name […]

‘Wild Thing’ Salvia ~ A Perennial a Week

When you can find a long blooming full sun perennial that blooms from early summer to October, you just might want to find a spot for it in the garden. The ‘Wild Thing’ Salvia brings a pinkish-red and a hot pink (all on the same bloom) flower, and aromatic foliage to those sunny spots in […]

‘Monch’ Frikart’s Aster ~ A Perennial a Week

How could you not love the beauty of perennials with lavender-blue flowers with a cheery yellow center? The color pairing in the ‘Monch’ Frikart’s Aster flower gives it a very regal-looking appearance.   We discovered this pretty perennial in a favorite garden magazine. Don’t you just love when you find new discoveries that add beauty […]

‘Royal Standard’ Hosta ~ A Perennial a Week

We haven’t featured a white flowering perennial for a while, so this week the ‘Royal Standard’ Hosta is in the spotlight. And, with pretty good timing too, since late summer is its blooming time!     You may not think of hostas in terms of flowers since for the most part they are relied upon […]

A Favorite Garden Magazine

Sometimes when the kids are selling magazine subscriptions for a school fundraiser, you can stumble upon a certain publication that is totally new to you, and it ends up becoming one of your favorite gardening magazines.   Such was the case a few years ago, when The English Garden magazine was discovered. This magazine is […]

‘Party Dress’ Anemone ~ A Perennial a Week

The very first perennial in our ‘A Perennial a Week’ series was a Japanese anemone in white, and it is such a favorite, that this week we are featuring another anemone in pink. The green-eye-yellow-fringe-centered, frilly pink petal ‘Party Dress’ Anemone certainly deserves its fancy name, and it looks so festive in the garden swaying […]

‘Provence’ Lavender ~ French Lavender Perennial ~ A Perennial a Week

This week’s perennial is not just one that is beautiful to look at, but also one that has a lovely fragrance. With its slender lavender blue flowers reaching about 36”, it provides enchantment for a cottage garden, definition as a landscape border, or striking when used for massing.   ‘Provence’ Lavender is a very fragrant […]

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