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How to Make Your Entryway Function Better

Creating an inviting entry way can be one of the fun aspects of being a homeowner. A well-defined and well-designed entry leading to your front door can add value to your home in many ways. A beautiful entryway can boost curb appeal, enhance visual interest through the use of certain construction materials, colors, and outdoor […]

Outdoor Design Idea Source

If you are at a loss for outdoor or garden design ideas, a great way to get some inspiration is at a former private estate that has been donated to your local park system (check with your local/state park system). These estates were once privately owned and well-cared for properties (house and grounds). While each […]

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

‘Curb appeal’ is a term we usually associate with the process of sprucing up the exterior of the house (mainly the parts that can be seen from the street curb) by someone who is trying to sell their house.  But why should curb appeal be about selling your house at all? It should simply be […]

Plants to Use in a Formal Setting

If you are planning  for some type of outdoor entertaining area with a formal setting, you may be wondering what plants would be used in such a setting. There are indeed specific plants that have traditionally been used for formal settings. Not only are there specific plants, but they are used in specific ways.   […]

5 Ways to Spruce Up Plain Exterior Walls

Many houses have one or more of those plain exterior walls that have little to no visual interest. These walls are typically not very interesting on their own. And it may even bug you a bit whenever you’re in your yard and have to walk past it. We think all sides of the exterior of […]

How to Design a Patio

Lay out an outdoor space in real dimensions before beginning your outdoor project. Make sure you are allowing for enough room for the proper use of your outdoor spaces.   If you have created a master plan for your yard, you probably have a good feeling as to whether all the separate areas and their specific […]

Screening with Plants

Evergreens and other plants can be used to create various screening effects for privacy in the yard. Use the plant’s characteristics of leaf size and branching to screen views. Plants are probably the most flexible to use for screening. There is no need for wood posts or masonry columns, footings, gravel bases, or even perhaps […]

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