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Historic Exterior Paint and Stain Colors

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has documented over 250 historic colors from its extensive research. The colors were influenced by popularity or fashion of a particular era, and the technology of paint manufacturing during that time. Choosing the perfect exterior colors for your house and yard (fences, arbors, trellis, outdoor furniture, wood planters, and […]

Tudor Revival Front Doors

Do you own a Tudor Revival style house? If it was built in the early 1900’s, it probably has an abundance of authentic architectural detailing and features. Unfortunately, over time as houses have become more and more expensive, much of that beautiful detailing has gone by the wayside. The craftsmen of old would build houses […]

Your Minimal Traditional Yard

The Minimal Traditional is a modest, smaller house of 950-1200 square feet with great potential. If this is the style of your house, there are seemingly endless things you can do to give it rich traditional detailing.   Minimal Traditional was just that: a traditional architectural style with minimal detailing. The minimal detailing was a […]

Your Tudor Revival Yard

Perhaps the most recognizable Tudor Revival house style is the front-facing gable with its brown half-timbers and stucco or brick infill. As you discover various other identifying features of the Tudor, you’ll begin to recognize this style in its many different forms, especially in some of our country’s older neighborhoods. The Tudor Revival style  occurred […]

Your Dutch Colonial Revival Yard

Add authenticity to your Dutch Colonial Revival yard and house with the period elements and features that were used in the revival era of the early 1900’s.   The Dutch Colonial Revival style is one of the many revival styles that occurred at the end of the Victorian era. The renewed interest in original period […]

Your Victorian Yard

While there are a number of different Victorian house styles (Shingle, Second Empire, Richardson Romanesque, and Stick), the Queen Anne was, and is, the most popular. We have to stop here to say that there is so much to talk about when it comes to this style! So brace yourself! Grab a cup of coffee […]

Architectural Styles of Houses

Discover the architectural style of your house. Carry it into the architectural detailing and features of outdoor projects and outdoor furnishings. Do you know the architectural style of your house? As a homeowner, you probably can look back at the time when you were in search of the perfect, or not so perfect, house to […]

House Styles – Examples and Features

Use tell-tale architectural details to pinpoint the architectural style of your house. This can provide a starting point for much design inspiration. Check out these examples of architectural styles and their typical features to help you identify the architecture of your house. Many versions exist of a particular style and these sketches/photos illustrate just one […]

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